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  1. THIS PLACE IS ABSURD AND IS OVERFLOWING WITH SPITEFUL, VINDICTIVE, UNFAIR STAFF MEMBERS.  I can no longer post in ninety-four percent of this message board, including threads I started.  this is cruel and misguidedly reactionary.  no transgressions have been submitted -- it is awful and the person affecting my account should not only be removed from that position of power, but they should suffer each one of the restrictions imposed on me.  I insist that I am a fair-minded and considerate contributor and that nothing I have done warrants the punishments doled out exponentially and rolled back only when caught by less active (but more levelheaded and intelligent) staff.  what is next?  is this fair statement of facts and gentle opinions going to incite further nasty action taken against me?  am I to be indefinitely banned from all corners of our community except the SNES hacking area because I dared to compare the perpetuation of the cool-kids club to the constant cycle of marginalized newcomers failing to crack the glass ceiling and quitting in frustration?  IS THIS FAIR TO THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE OR IS IT JUST A SLOPPY ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN POWER IN THE FACE OF INQUIRIES, TO CENSOR, TO STIFLE DISSENT AND QUESTS FOR IMPROVING THIS PLACE BY MAKING IT EQUITABLE BY SIMPLY TYPING TRUTH TO POWER?

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      or... not!?  hmm....

  2. cool! somebody should at least be able to advise on those minor issues. do mean the picture or some standard-font text you could just change?
  3. come on by! bring your Genesis, even. (and '92?)
  4. that's awesome. sorry for my rant about the mentions list -- I just really want this place to be more welcoming, inclusive. I hate seeing the cycle of newcomers failing to connect and I really feel that there is a stifling effect when they try hard to engage an- ...well, anyway... the joy in hacking these old hockey games is beautiful and the sharing that love is totally deserving of a cool title. for real, expansion is a huge deal. thank you. that will certainly improve the community and I in no way mean to suggest otherwise. here's to all the cool stuff it will lead to!
  5. those faceoff circles look pretty cool like that.
  6. tru

    My hacks

    are you happy with them?
  7. tru

    My hacks

    please tell us about them. what is unique? what are the overall concepts? thank you for your time.
  8. right?! unless he is crazy efficient AND a supergenius, that must have taken serious effort.
  9. that posted, thank you VERY much, Slapshot and others doing things. all efforts are appreciated. how many more teams could be added? are there limits from ROM size or unexpandable tables? 100-team ROM!
  10. can we have a "Hali's least-favorite members" thread? I could make that list! the runners up list is kind of insulting to those other members who do their best to contribute significantly and appropriately. the cool-kids clique is exclusionary. would Plabax have made the list if "A, B" was from 2017? I assume not because he is bullied and marginalized, too. (and my case shows that changing his approach to a kinder one will only make actions against him harsher.) had I stayed active in churning out ROMs would that have been marginalized because Genesis players hated my gentle teasing a d
  11. tough stuff, this. good luck, guys! mathy brains and computer pros probably think this stuff is a cakewalk. I don't shuffle tiles in my ROMs, but I do try to edit them. I do not know if I could make it easier on myself by teaching the tile editor to show whole single (SNES) tiles instead of a cascade of inseparable ones. I think I understand that Genesis arrangements are easily achieved. if anybody can teach me to have Nintendo ones display like that, PLEASE do.
  12. I believe that the debate is over. Plabax has convinced us that he is correct -- he cannot win offlag.
  13. I am adding this here instead of starting a new one. junior and I were crashing the net. penalized, the player skated through the crowd and hopped into the box from the backside. fun stuff. we love this game. I imagine lots of folks have seen this. did we cause it by running a replay quickly after the whistle?
  14. that is awesome. (I would love to host anybody SNESing their way through Maine. I live where the drinking water comes from -- holler.) have fun, guys!
  15. generally typing, ROMs posted on this site get downloaded and played. I am resisting ranting about the forum conversion. I don't particularly miss the counter.
  16. that seems like a fairly easy project, portraits aside.
  17. 94% SNES NHL '94 editor 1% hex editor 5% tile/sprite editor
  18. so... just ideas. how close to love have you felt in your life?
  19. I don't do it and I generally agree with your statements, but where are you reaching out from? it seems to be nearby, nongeographically. like... what do you do? do you play well with others in person? serially? never? concurrently? where are you hating from?
  20. your state hasn't legalized marriage, yet? you don't have to act hard about it. patience -- the tide is turning. oh! wait! it's federal, now. I forgot. come down from your fence!