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  1. mitch13

    1976 WHA

  2. mitch13

    NHL 2019 by naples39

    Thank you for your work!
  3. mitch13

    32-team ROM offsets

    Great project, @Jkline3!
  4. Hello everybody, I'm uploading a rom made thanks to a collaboration between Stelex software, @Jkline3 and myself. It's based on the actual Swiss championship. Jkline made the logos, I did the player cards and the rosters. Stelex software made the rest. Swiss National League 2018-2019.bin
  5. mitch13

    NHL 1990

    Thanks a lot @Jkline3!!! You are the best
  6. mitch13

    IIHF World Championship 2018

    Hello everybody, Here is a new rom made by @Jkline3 and myself. It's based upon the World Championship 2018 held last may in Denmark. @jkline3 made the logos, ice, opening screen, banners etc. I was responsible for the rosters and the player cards. Enjoy it. Mondial2018.bin
  7. mitch13

    NHL 1990

    Thanks @Modano’s mafia! You are right for the opening screen. But we would need some help from another guy to do that... I am not able to dot it by myself for now.
  8. mitch13


    Oh my god! You did it!!!!! Awesome job! THANK YOU buddy!
  9. Yup, this Calgary 88 rom was made by Jkline3 and myself.
  10. mitch13

    2018 Olympic Rom?

    Sorry but I was not interested in putting women's teams in it... You can put them using EARE and NOSE, if you want. They are included into the original rom, I cut them (or somebody did it for me) using EARE.
  11. mitch13

    Playoffs - 2 Teammates issue

    No, on an emulator at home. Nobody got this issue before ? I don't understand where the bug comes from.
  12. mitch13

    TM Help

    Did you try with another emulator?
  13. Hello there, I've started some playoffs the other day on one of my modified NHL 94 roms, using the 2-teammates mode. You can play the 1st game normally, but then, when you get back to the initial screen, it's blocked at the 2-head-to-head mode. You can't choose nor 2-teammates, neither any other mode anymore. Did anybody already notice this issue and know if it can be fixed? Thank you very much for your help
  14. mitch13

    TM Help

    You have to open the rom you want to modify using Tile Molester, actually.
  15. mitch13

    TM Help

    If you want to work on player cards for example, you must read the tutorial (link below): Hard to explain that in a better way than the tutorial does... I am not an expert at all, I'm just doing player cards for NHL 94.