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  1. @Jlsegafan2001 @Robitaille Fan what do you need precisely? I could give you some add ons here, but don't expect a very quick answer please. Here is an addon including goalie gears for the Olympic games 2002. goalies_olympia2002_nhl2k2 (1).zip
  2. Thanks for this one! I made the 2018 version but I was not that motivated this time, great to see that you've made it!
  3. mitch13

    2021 KHL

    Cool! Thanks a lot. I'd like to make a new swiss edition but I did not take the time this season... Sorry.
  4. The latest snes rom was made with the 2015 or 2016 rosters if I remember correctly, you'll find it in the roms section.
  5. Hi, I don't think that the SNES version was updated recently in my opinion.
  6. Hello, here is an actual version of the Swiss National League, due to a collaboration between Iron @Jkline3 and myself. I was responsible for the rosters (which are reflecting those of mid-december) and player cards, @Jkline3did all the rest. I would like to thank him, as he acted like a real Santa Claus once again. All teams of the first and second top swiss leagues are in, which is something historical for our beloved NHL 94. Joe Thornton, David Desharnais, Gaetan Haas, Charles Hudon, Mikkel Boedker, Damien Brunner, Tim Heed, Erik Brannstrom, Viktor Stalberg, Mark Barberio, Denis Malgin, etc, are some of the players featured in this rom. NL 2020.bin
  7. mitch13

    2020 SHL

    Another great rom. Thanks a lot
  8. Hello, I have re edited this great rom putting some cards for every starter. Some were stolen from good old @clockwise roms, others are mine. NHL 2020 (95).bin
  9. Hello @plp34450, I am more a player cards specialist, I do speak french, pm me if you need some help on the cards.
  10. Could you please reupl9ad those elementary NHL 2002 mods? I’d like to use them, but the link you sent originally is long dead.

    1. mitch13


      First of all, I would say "hello".

      Let me take a look on january, now I am busy.

      What kind of add ons are you particularly chasing?

      Merry Xmas

    2. Jlsegafan2001


      Thank you. I would like some facepacks and rosters, please.

    3. Jlsegafan2001
  11. Thanks @naples39, will do so!
  12. Just noticed that the game freezes when you choose Anaheim or Washington for some playoffs. You can't go from one top to the other when you are choosing your team. Don't remember how to fix that, must be by changing the playoffs tree with nose I guess? I tried the rom with an emulator on my snes mini.
  13. mitch13

    KHL 2020

    Well, @Jkline3 and I made this swiss rom you are surely talking about. I'm working on a update now.
  14. mitch13

    KHL 2020

    Oh my god!!! Thank you @Jkline3!!!!! I should do the swiss league now, as some interesting players like Thornton are there, but I've got to motivate myself first...
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