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  1. Thanks from an European fan of the game! I am still enjoying new roms
  2. Nice! Will you upload your work once?
  3. Can't download it. Maybe it is because I'm trying it on my job's computer? Anyway, its written that the mediafire link is dead.
  4. Clockwise, I’m missing your roms so much... I spent hours just watching the player cards.
  5. Playoff version is available now into the first post. Enjoy it.
  6. Seems to be a great project! I wish to have a modern PC once to test it. Thanks for the news!
  7. Hello, you have to download “NOSE”, the NHL 94 editor program. Then open the rom, and you’ll be able to modify the players abilities.
  8. Hello Here is a rom I made in collaboration with @Jkline3, who made the opening title screen for me. I took the 2000-2004 rom made by @naples39 as a base. It's based on the 2002-2003 opening night rosters. Player cards for all starters. NHL2003.bin
  9. Ok thanks, where can I find your codes please?
  10. Well, nobody else tried to start some playoffs with the 2 teammates mode? Any guess if this bug can be fixed or not ? Any help would be welcomed. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for this rom! Always nice to get a new historical version!
  12. Thanks for the tip @slaphshot67!
  13. It’s a nice game and I wanted to try it again after this post was created. Do you get black borders on your image when playing ? I read elsewhere that you can modify dosbox.conf to fix the full screen mode but I did not try it yet.
  14. Hello I've noticed a bug recently, which seems to affect every NHL 94 rom. Customized or not. If you start some playoff with the 2-teammates mode, you will suddenly be forced to choose the 2-head to head mode before the 2nd game, at the menu screen. It will be no longer possible to play with your friend. Note that I'm using "Fusion" emulator to run my roms. Does anybody have an idea how to fix that bug? And if it's possible at all? Thanks a lot for your replies