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  1. If you're back.. does this mean you will finish this ROM? (PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS)
  2. The reason it was lagging might have been because both you and your friend most likely were using wireless connection and to reduce lag, you might want to get a wire thing for internet lol its like some really long blue cord but ya get it it helps
  3. Usually goals are from luck or you feed a pass to the middle and completely deke the tendy. The passing is difficult to get because unlike other games, there is no pass assist that makes beatiful passes on the tape every single time. Basically you have to aim the sh*t out of your passes or the puck goes all over. lol
  4. Yeah hooking gets out of hand and is really o.p. but some people just devote themselves to not hook lol but I do.. mwaha
  5. Does anyone else play NHL '04 on their PC with this website? It's actually really fun and has a great online community. If you are interested check out the website here. There is so many different versions and different interface mods like the nhl.com mod or nbc mod or espn mod. Updated almost every other month too! (New rosters, arenas, jerseys, etc.) You can also get mods for different leagues like AHL or CHL. I think there was a College Hockey mod too but haven't tried it yet so idk. You can get regular non modded NHL 2004 PC (Yeah it's Russian but just follow the on screen every move from the video) And when it asks you where you want to download it pick something simple like in the video. This makes it easier to find and allows for quicker modding.Enjoy . And you should join their league, NEHL. It's the main league and it has a few spots still open.
  6. Can't wait to see the finished version! This will be so legendary it might even be powerful enough to make you bud of the year..
  7. I have no trouble "The amazing power of android!"
  8. I think http://iemulators.com/ is the best way to do it. I am all about android so have not used it myself but my friends all have iPads and iPhones and they have emulators from that site. Not sure if it works with iOS 8 but you can always try if you haven't already. Other than that I would say keep trying different sites and such.
  9. Ratings will be a hassle. But can't wait to see this amazing work finished.
  10. Well I guess we tried huh? Some people said that Sonic Megamix works like that but is the only game to do so. As for the iso, I'm not sure of a way to post it easily because the forums doesn't support uploads of .iso files.
  11. Here is the .iso file if you would like to experiment with it yourself. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzl5EBm62njzTFc4RWJMSlNpMmc&authuser=0
  12. I just tried opening it in Gens and the same thing happens. I'll try to replace the track with my .iso as you said.
  13. Okay now it has this SegaCD startup screen and then this menu where my only option is to select eject.
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