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[MD] NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM: Hex Editor Offsets (Text Editing)

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Thought that I would deliver a list of offsets for where the beginning and ending of sections of text in the NHL '94 Thirty Team ROM reside.

For novices and newcomers to the scene, I feel that it is mandatory for myself to mention to you to please be massively careful editing beyond certain portions of text (parts of the text that have period symbols, for example), as editing over those can corrupt the ROM if those are done incorrectly.

With that mentioned, let us view the list of available offsets.

The first offset is where the text begins, and the second offset is where it ends (this will be presented as "Offset 0I; Offset 02"); this thread post will be edited if I have missed any locations.

~ Title Screen Credits: 00005778; 00005B0C.

~ Manual Goalie/Auto Goalie (Gameplay Options): 00008053; 00008077.

~ (Select Player) Text: 00008419; 00008428.

~ Player Line Names (Team Roster Menu): 00008CC1; 00008D4D.

~ Player Status Text (Team Roster Menu): 00008DEE; 00008E13

~ Player Hand (Team Roster Menu): 00008E7C; 00008E8D.

~ Scoring Summary Text: 00008ED9; 00008EE7.

~ Period, Time, Team, Goal/Assist, P/S Text (Scoring Summary Menu): 00008F0D; 00008F34.

~ Shot Types (SH, SH2, PP, PP2) (Scoring summary Menu): 0000912C, 00009140.

~ Penalty Summary Text: 0000916B; 0000917A.

~ A ~ Switch Teams (All Menus): 000094BB; 000094CA.

~ Player Stats Text: 000094D9; 000094E5.

~ Player Stats Menu Text: 00009910; 000099C5.

~ Crowd Meter Text: 00009A51; 00009A5C.

~ Crowd Meter Stats Text: 00009A8F; 00009B8E.

~ "no goalie" text: 00009EDA; 00009ED2.

~ EA Hockey Night Box Text: 0001348A; 000134D6.

~ "Highlight from Game:" Text: 00013592; 000135A5.

~ Stars of the Game Text: 00018555; 00018565.

~ Injury Text: 00018745; 000187B0.

~ Penalty Shot! Text: 00018889; 00018895.

~ Goal!, Hat Trick!, and Power Play Goal! Text: 00018A19; 00018A52.

~ Game Crash Text (Address Error, Illegal Instruction, Division by Zero): 00018C09; 00018C68.

~ Referee and Penalty Text: 00018E4E; 00019125.

~ Player Line Names, Player Line Positions, and EA Hockey Night Period Text: 000191A8; 00019207.

~ Player Ratings Information Text (Team Roster Menu), Options Menu Text, Player Line Setup Text: 000193DA; 0001A047.

~ Ron Barr's Commentary: 0004B5DA; 0004B79D.

~ Main Menu Text: 000F7D18; 000F8162.

~ Player Cards and User Record Text (You will have to search between the lines of coding a bit for specific bits and parts of text. Not all of the text is in plain sight, as the above have done for us): 000FA432; 000FD583.

~ Period Stats Text: 000FDA11; 000FDB53.

~ Game Statistics Text: 000FDC85; 000FE136.

~ Player Names, Team Names, Team Abbreviations (In Game Scoreboard), and Team Arena (The Player Names presumably go in order by how they appear in NOSE. Only deal with these if you know what you are doing in a Hex Editor and you do not want to edit names in NOSE.): These offsets will vary based primarily on how much data you have implemented into each team. Due to this, I am only able to deliver a Starting Offset; that offset is 001DCB5E.

And that is about all that I was able to find within 067 minutes of searching through the ROM's coding, just to type this up.

Use these primarily as locations to jump to when you are looking for a certain piece of text that you are desiring to edit.

In the event that any of you find any extra offsets to jump to for certain things, then by all means, please do share what you know.

I will edit this post to have that offset, as mentioned above, so that way, this list is as complete and unabridged as possible.

Hoping that this helps out some of you folks in your own NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM projects.

This truly could be of major benefit to you, in the long run. (:

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