[HelpMeHack] Record Player Injuries

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Basic Plan / Why I think the hack may be possible:

  1. When a player gets injured, the game sets his status so that when you see him in Edit Lines or Team Rosters, it says "Injury P/G" next to his name if he's out of the period or game.
  2. When that status is changed by the game, we'll add code that also permanently records the injury in the game's RAM, in the same way I record +/- data
  3. Chaos will need to update the nhl94online.com site to be able to detect and extract this data in the savestates (sorry!)

One possible issue: need a safe place in RAM to store the data, that the game doesn't overwrite. I may just have to put it somewhere after the +/- data and just hope you don't score so many goals that it overwrites the injury data :)

Step 0: Get the Gens ReRecording emulator
Expand spoiler to see my guide/tips for doing this.

  • Get the Gens ReRecording emulator (it's Gens, but with some hacking features added on),
  • unzip it,
  • run Gens.exe,
  • and configure your controller in it.

Step 1: [Difficulty: Beginner] Record a game and cause an injury
Expand spoiler to see my guide/tips for doing this.

We need to be able to consistenly reproduce an injury in order to start researching this hack. To do this, record games until you cause an injury.

  • Start Gens Rerecording and load NHL 94. (do penalties need to be turned on to get injuries?)
  • In the emulator (before loading the game), go to "Tools -> Movie -> Record New Movie".
  • Put a checkmark in the box for "Record from now and make a savestate"
  • Click "OK"
  • It brings up a save dialog. Note the directory (probably the emulator directory) and file name ("nhl94[GMV].gst") and click Save.
  • You should see a red circle flashing in the lower-right corner of the game to indicate that it's recording.
  • Play the game until there is an injury!
  • Wait for the next faceoff after the guy goes to the penalty box, etc.
  • Hit the Start button, and go to Team Rosters, and navigate so that you can see the "Injured P" or "Injured G" text.
  • Hit the Escape key to pause the emulator.
  • "Tools->Movie->Stop Movie"

Now just verify that the recording is good.

  • Tools->Movie->Play Movie
  • Select "Play from savestate" (just above the 2nd text box in the window)
  • Click the "..." button below "Play from savestate" and select the file from step e above ("nhl94[GMV].gst")
  • Click "Play Movie"
  • I get what looks like an error message telling me to select a different save state. But when I click "OK", it plays back my recorded game anyway.

So if your game plays back from the recording, we're good to go for Step 2!

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