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I just discovered that ROMHacking.net has wiki-like pages that we can use for sharing our discoveries of the ROM and RAM data (for example, where to find the scores in the RAM, or where the songs are in the ROM).

NHL94 Sega: https://www.romhacking.net/games/2092/

Example (Sonic): ROM  RAM 

I'll start copying some of my notes into these...

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Looks like we could add a few more utilities there -- EARE, Roster Extract, etc.  

I guess we have to also be careful that we only list the standard ROM offsets, and not wboy's 30 team.  

I have a map of '95 that I can easily translate as well.

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Good points, yes! Not to mention the 32-team ROM. I guess to 'map' those, we'd note the pointer in the game that points to where that data is stored, and the relative positions at that location. For example there is (1) a pointer to (2) the list of team pointers (which has moved in the expanded ROMs), which point to (3) the team data (which moves every time you edit a ROM in NOSE)..

One thing that bugs me about that site is that for the utilities it doesn't let you just link to our forum page, you're supposed to upload it to their website (which is probably better for ensuring that tools don't disappear from the internet, but of course we'd prefer people come to the forum and participate!)

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