Euro Classic '94 league setup inquiry

Euro Classic '94 - Spring 2018 - rom poll  

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  1. 1. What kind of rom you'd like to play

    • Gens Default NHL '94
    • Gens Default NHL '94 with 99 min overtime
    • Gens Default NHL '94 with weight bug fixed
    • Gens Default NHL '94 with weight bug fixed and 99 min overtime
    • Gens Default NHL '94 "No Hassle" modification with 99 min overtime

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Hello and welcome to Euro Classic '94 league setup poll inquiry! I've listed a few options and I'd like hear what kind of rom gets the most votes.

My personal favorite would be 
Gens Default NHL '94 "No Hassle" modification with 99 min overtime

Second option for me is Gens Default NHL '94 with 99 min overtime and third option just the default rom.

If you are not familiar with "No Hassle" rom, please check this post. Quote:



- Quick Start - default settings at home screen set to classic rules (head-to-head, 5 min periods, penalties on except offsides)
- AJ's Lines set as Default- all default starting lineups set to AJ's top lines (Building Lines with AJ) QUE and WSH I picked myself with some help from Bo and SOH.
- Smart Auto Substitutions - in the event of penalties and/or injuries, the next best player will automatically enter the lineup.
- Trim the Fat - most players not included in AJ's building lines are deleted from the game entirely, so it's easier to identify which players are actually useable. I did leave in some players not included in AJ's lines, because some players might be good for certain situational lineups or matching up against particular competition.
- Talent Above Position - all players in the edit lines screen are now ordered from best to worst, as opposed to the original ROM, which is ordered by position. Of course, this is subjective. Mostly I used the order from AJ's forum posts. Just something to make life a little easier when doing manual substitutions.

There's so many teams, so many players, and so many potential lineups that NHL '94 can be a little overwhelming. This ROM should make things easier and MORE FUN for everybody!


I haven't created any custom roms ever but I think and hope we can get help from the community to create one. The easiest option would be to use the default rom with 5 min overtime. Then again, "No Hassle" kind of setup would minimize setting up games for newcomers.

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