HOW TO : Play a non-Sudden Death OT (How to change periods)

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For NHL 94 on Genesis I have found a RAM / Game Genie code that changes the period you are in during a match. And with this code there is a value that turns off Sudden Death so you can play a Full Period of OT if you want.

Here's how it works the RAM Code to change the period you are in is FFC466. Here are the codes to change the period you are in. For example, if you are in the 1st period and want it to be the 3rd period, or if you are in the 3rd period but want it to be the 2nd period, etc. The normal periods are 0, 1 and 2 with 3 being regular OT. A value of 4 is the end of the match screen. Values of 5-7 are another set of periods 1, 2 and 3, however a value of 8 is OT but without sudden death.

Either the RAM or the Game-Genie code should work.

Normal 1st Period FFC466:0000 / Game Genie : ADCS-8ADG
Normal 2nd Period FFC466:0001 / Game Genie : AHCS-8ADG    
Normal 3rd Period FFC466:0002 / Game Genie : AMCS-8ADG
Normal Sudden Death OT FFC466:0003 / Game Genie : ASCS-8ADG 
Full Period of Overtime FFC466:0008 / Game Genie : BDCS-8ADG

To play a full period of overtime, there are some issues that you need to be aware of, but if you follow these instructions you can get around them. The best way to play a full period of overtime is to start Overtime as normal sudden death but when a goal is scored, right after the goal is scored and before the players start celebrating a sudden death OT win, you can to enable the Full Period of OT Code to make the OT continue instead of ending. (FFC466:0008 or BDCS-8ADG)

If you enable this code before the players start celebrating, the period will continue normally. When you are in this non-sudden death OT period with the code value of 8, there are some issues. For example, you cannot pause the game. If you attempt to pause the game on this setting the game will crash on a black screen. So you have to remember not to press START when playing your full period of OT. So if you want to pause the game in this OT format, you will need to temporarily disable that code (FFC466:0008 or BDCS-8ADG) then enable the Normal Sudden Death code (FFC466:0003 or ASCS-8ADG) which returns OT to sudden death. Then you can press START and access the pause menu. When switching back to Sudden Death OT with a match not tied, the match will not end until there is a whistle and a stoppage in play. (then players will celebrate and the match will end unless you disable the Sudden Death OT code and re-enable FFC466:0008 / BDCS-8ADG before that happens) So you can re-enable the Normal Sudden Death code whenever you want to pause the game, just make sure that you don't switch to this code during a stoppage of play or the game could end if it is not tied and you return to sudden death. Once the players start celebrating, the match is over and you will be unable to return to your full period of OT by switching to it. So keep that in mind.

Another bug when using this Full Period of OT code that you need to be aware of is that when there is a penalty, the game will crash as it fades to black trying to load the penalty scene, unless you switch back to the Normal Sudden Death code before the screen switches to the referee. Then you will need to switch back to the Full Period of OT code before the player skates into the box. (otherwise the game will end with it back on Sudden Death OT unless it is tied) So when there's a penalty, you need to get used to switching back and forth between these 2 codes, so the value changes from 8 to 3 before the penalty scene loads, then you need to switch it back from 3 to 8 as the skater is skating into the box in the penalty scene, before the player reaches the penalty box. (otherwise the match will end with it back on Sudden Death OT unless it is tied)

So to make this Full OT code work, it involves some switching back and forth between the normal sudden death value of 3 and the full OT value of 8 when you want to access the pause menu or when there is a penalty, but once you get the hang of getting around this, you can avoid these crashes and will have a way to continue the OT period after a goal is scored.

Don't we all have those matches when an OT goal is scored but you wish the match could continue to the time limit? Well with these codes, you now have a way to control when that OT period ends. Just remember to use save states when following these instructions in case you forget or mis-time your code switches and run into a black screen crash.

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That would be cool, I want to expand on this code and find a better way to play a full period of OT, without having to switch codes around during the OT period to avoid those black screen crashes I mentioned. I will do some more digging. Finding this switch period code though with this value of 8 that allows OT to continue after goals are scored may help me find a better code that turns off sudden death without having to worry about black screen crashes.

But as of now, this method is better than nothing, especially if you're playing the CPU on an emulator. it's just fun to play around with after a goal is scored in OT, if you want the match to continue, you have a way to do that. Hopefully I can find a better code, though and maybe there's a way to implement your own OT format like needing to have a 2 goal lead before it ends or something. Somewhere there's probably a RAM address that contains the number of goals scored by each team that maybe you can edit or freeze to trick the game to thinking it's still tied when it's not when you're in OT, so you can avoid having to switch the period value from 3 to 8 to play a full period of OT. I'll look into that, I'll do some changed value RAM searches when I'm in OT and switch the value from 3 to 8, perhaps I can find a better code, or something that allows you to determine what causes an OT period to end.

Some OT formats that could be fun are 1) First team to score 2 goals in the OT period wins or 2) First team to have a 2 goal lead in the OT period wins, and if those things don't happen then the match ends when the clock runs out. Another idea is 3) After a goal is scored in OT, the team who got scored on has a set amount of response time to equalize or else the match will end. These are just some ideas, I find it fun to have the ability to control when the OT period ends, and it would be cool to find other codes that allow us to implement different OT formats into NHL 94.

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I have completed the longest match in NHL 94 history. A 120 minute match with 20 minute periods and a 60 minute non-sudden death OT period with the real-time clock mod and the real-time power play clock mod. The game stats are hilarious but it was truly epic. Crazy things can happen in a 60 minute non-sudden death OT period with real-time clock and real-time 2 minute power plays. This became a battle of attrition. The Penalty Summary is very very long, there were 19 penalties in the 60 minute OT itself, 6 of them due to Injuries. In such a long period I noticed some players started to slow down.

I managed to play out this super long match over a period of time by using save states throughout the match and picking up where I left off. When you get into a 60 minute real-time OT it gives you an opportunity to test the statistical engine of NHL 94.

Through my testing of this code, I was able to observe a cool scene never seen before in NHL 94 : The Ultimate Celebration both teams celebrating at the same time at the end of a match : this will happen if a team losing by more than 1 goal scores a goal in OT and then you put back on the sudden death code after the goal is scored. The game will end with the losing team celebrating their goal and then the winning team will start celebrating win so both teams will be celebrating at the same time. I did that but then I went back to my save state and played till the end of the period.

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