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Limit Teams on the Other Scores screen


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some good news, I found out how to limit teams showing up on the "EA Hockey Night" animation and the "Other Scores" screen, one issue is you can't go below 18 teams or it will crash.


the first example I took my NHL 78 rom and went to location 00018032 and changed 701A to 7012, now only those 18 teams will be shown, no N/A



the second example I took NHL20 and changed 701A to 7020, now all teams will be shown.


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Awesome find! When making roms from different years, the "other scores" N/A always bothered me. Is there any way to set the number to 24 teams? Or 28 teams? I guess you just have to play around with the numbers in hex, eh? Great job! :)

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here is the hex list for how many teams you want

7012 = 18 teams
7013 = 19 teams
7014 = 20 teams
7015 = 21 teams
7016 = 22 teams
7017 = 23 teams
7018 = 24 teams
7019 = 25 teams
701A = 26 teams
701B = 27 teams
701C = 28 teams
701D = 29 teams
701E = 30 teams
701F = 31 teams
7020 = 32 teams


also found the location for the 93 30-32 team rom

000146BC - 7018


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