Classic Summer 2020 SNES ALL Scorgami

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A scorigami is 1) a scoreline that has never occurred in a given league/competition before, or 2) a visualization of all of the scorelines that have/have not occurred in a given league/competition before.  Here is the scorigami graphic for all Classic Summer 2020 SNES leagues:



For example, there were 79 SNES games this season with a 5-4 scoreline, and the 5-4 square has the lightest color because there were no scorelines more frequent this season than 5-4.  Man, I feel bad for whoever lost 10-9!  And, sure, the two chumps who lost 14-2.

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Very cool man. maybe you could make it more clear on your graph which scores are impossible. The ties are interesting to me. Up to 6-6, which seems pretty unusual. Also more than one person lost 13-5!

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No what we're saying is that I should completely remove the squares with impossible scorelines (where the losing team has more goals than the winning team).  I'm saying that I haven't quite figured out the code to do that yet. :D

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