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Cant find center ice logo


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Hi guys

i cannot find teams center ice logo in the tiles sprite of ea nhl 92. can someone help me?

the genesis console i use tlp v 1.1



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That's cool that you want to edit this game :)

Unfortunately, they're probably compressed, so can't be edited (NHL'94 was like this until someone figured out how to decompress them, but it's never been done for 92 and we don't really have that expertise here anymore :( )


Please don't post twice ("find it"). It doesn't get the questions answered any faster.

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Hey I don't know if you are still looking for the logos but I've been working on this one for a while and was able to map most of the game data.
Sorry I don't have usable images yet but here's the offset numbers you can search for.

First thing to note is that there are three sizes of logos 4x3, 3x3 & 4x2 [Montreal]

I found the first logo is at offset 53696. This is followed by all of the 4x3 logos.
The 3x3 logos start at offset 55616.
And the lone 4x2 logo is at offset 5FB16.

Import the colour palette with offset 467160, size 64.
The logo colours will be using the second palette. Don't edit the colours though as I didn't confirm if they actually use that palette as the engine tends to repeat colour info multiple times and the programmers had a habit of referencing the same palette offset for multiple assets.

*Note that the clock logo and ice logo share the same sprites*

Also, and this is key, unlike later games, I've found that the logos are assembled in a vertical manner rather than horizontally, so I found that you are better off setting your tile program at a 1x12 window size. [since most logos are three tiles vertically, four horizontally, with a few 3x3 and lonely Montreal at two vertically x four horizontally]

Hope that helps. I have been working on a series of '91 to '96 mods concurrently and made some wboy-like help guides for myself, but they are not really clean enough to post just yet. Maybe if there is enough interest I'll fix them up so they can be followed by someone other than myself.

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