Sweden Finland on the pond

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Hey there, the site has been quiet for awhile and I was busy so I did not post for awhile. I probably won't for awhile either, taking a break from Hockey Modding.  This rom, an update of seamor's great pond rom offers 3 on 3 hockey.  I had this rom done a few months ago.  Swenden vs Finland.  8 teams, 4 from each country with the top 40 point leaders.  Each team has 9 skaters and a goalie.  So if you enjoy this fierce international scandinavian rivalry, you will be served with splash screens and jerseys.  Hope you like it.  See you some other time.  Enjoy!

Sweden Finland on the pond.bin

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On 5/11/2021 at 7:02 PM, I got the puck said:

So if you enjoy this fierce international scandinavian rivalry,

Uh oh.
Technically it's a "Nordic" rivalry as the region known as Scandinavia only refers to Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
While English speakers have used the terms interchangeably, the region including Finland, Iceland the Faroes and Aland are only meant to be part of the greater Nordic region and to refer to them as "Scandinavian" will cause true Scandinavians to jovially smile while silently judging you for being an unbeautiful, simpleton, ie: a non-Scandinavian.

[What Scandinavians think of Finland]
Coat of Arms HD - Scandinavia and the World

Interested in trying this out by the way.

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Really happy to see you're still making these ROMs!

Selanne and Forsberg have been two of my favorites since I was little, so I'll definitely take a look at this one later today!

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