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Why Am I Not Allowed in the Discord?


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In the summer of 2020, I was suddenly kicked from the Discord. When it happened, I actually thought Discord was down for maintenance or that someone accidentally removed me because it was so random!


Did I unknowingly break a rule?


Let's fix things so I can get back in! :money:

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I kicked you the first time because you spent a week on a dumb sexist rant about how women aren't good leaders, and had circled back to arguments that had already been addressed a week ago, and capped it off with a bit about how hitler was a good leader, which is around when I kicked you. Another factor was you were @ing people you had previous beefs with to drag them into your arguments.

At the time, you were merely kicked, so were not prevented from coming back on the discord server, which I am told you did many times and kept stirring things up and getting re-kicked repeatedly. And it wasn't even me who kicked/banned you other than the first time. Eventually you were getting banned on sight to avoid the inevitable disruption.

You were eventually invited to join a league, and they even made a separate discord server to accommodate you, but even they kicked you out of the league after a day, or you quit, or something. (EDIT: I am told it only took 30 minutes, not even a day)


You are an incredibly talented video game player and I would suggest using your skills to play something more modern since you couldn't get along with us tired old people who don't have energy for the kind of nonsense you were bringing. What about speed-running? Your ability to find new ways to play games that no one has thought of before could take you far there.


Thread locked to avoid endless nitpicky argument

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