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Tecmo Super Bowl Font

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Does anyone know how to change the font in Tecmo Super Bowl.

I have a rom I love but they changed the font which I hate.

I want to restore the Original Font.

Is that a hex editor job or a TLP job?

Any advice welcomed.

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Most of the NES games that I've played around with have had a stack of sprites in a grouping near the end of the ROM data. Being very much a non-expert, this is the only method I know, but it worked fairly similarly if using TLP or TM.

This is a screen shot of a CFL mod, but it should still be fine to illustrate the location of the fonts.

Actually I might as well mention that I had a moment of uncertainty that this would work, but it turned out that I accidentally had a mod for TSB3 for the SNES mixed in with my NES folder. So this will probably work as long as you are talking about the original Tecmo Super Bowl. </disclaimer>

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