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Well, if he doesn't reply about his availability fairly soon, I would like to get this league's team back on track in the GP (games played) department. I know I am line jumping and don't mean to step on toes at all, but I do understand the pace and time commitment of the Genesis Draft League. I think you guys also know for the most part that I am pretty available for playing games often.

Plus they have Theo Fleury. :)

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Yeah I still have a game with JJ and yet I NEVER see him on! We should just stop waiting and replace those who haven't kept up with the schedule, I know there is probably lots of people who would like to join this league.

Plus they have Theo Fleury. :D


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There should be an unwritten rule (or maybe we should make it official)... that is, if we're on Game Day ##, if you haven't played at least half the number of what game day it is, (and you haven't notified the Draft forum for a reason why you haven't played), then that coach should be up for replacement. I think that's more than fair.

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I don't even have a computer. I'm either on a friends' comp or borrowing the company laptop to play games. I even took a week and a half off and i'm still in front of these guys. Seriously, get it in gear. And actually let everyone know what your situation is.

I don't think anything is more annoying than dmitry threatening to replace someone and you coming back and playing 4 or 5 games, then dissappearing for another few weeks.....JJ2K 1993COUGH.

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Well, it does look like San Jose has been pretty active in recent days, getting some games in. I will return back into the shadows of lurking.


Genesis Draft League Stalker

I'm here man, just missed your post. I'll be on all weekend for whoever wants to get their games in. Also, I'm not sure I have everyone's correct AIM. For instance, on the coaches list, snoboarder's AIM is not snoboarder it's sno boarder 3211. Just hit me up whoever wants game since I have the time finally to get these in.

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