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Team Bytes Analysis...

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I thought I had posted the info a while back but after a few searches seeming not... thankly a recent PM from DaDonch44 triggered my memory of its existence... so here it is:

The info within contains some research a did many moons ago (when I was more motivated) about the bytes in 92 thru 95 that control items such as home/away adv/disadv, PP adv/disadv etc.

The bytes exist within each teams structure (for 93>5) just after the away colors strip data, and just before the fwd's/d's byte, which is before the goalies (count) bytes.

A lot of the speculation on each values in-game purpose have been based on 93 as it advertises them before a game which allowed me to experiment with the values. As the later years roms in a whole are quite consistent in the manor they store the data, you can safely assume its basically the same rule of thumb for 94+5.

If we can get agreeance of the "unknown" or "questionable" values, I may bother to implement it into NOSE.

Easiest method to test this is create two identical teams... set one value at 0, the other at 7 (or higher) and then simulate a few games (be it with frame skipping on or not) and see what one teams does better/worse at than the other. I did a few trials of this back in the day, but couldn't come to any definite conclusions.

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EARE can now edit the home/away/pp/pk/off/def team ratings in NHL94, as of v0.0.4


More info on the team bytes is available at:

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