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  1. Why I stopped playing: 1) Don't have time to sit around waiting for people to show up. 2) Don't want to play a game with people around the world that is laggy. 3) Don't want to play a game in which I have to modify my schedule to meet someone else schedule 4) The Braggarts and Tryhards 5) Using AOL Aim....
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  2. For a lot of new guys, if there was a standard package that could be sold at reasonable cost (USB controller, USB stick with all required components set and ready) - I think it would be a "hot seller" - by that I mean more than one guy might be interested. I've often thought that instead of having a downloadable zip file for leagues, you could just have a sharable dropbox/google drive folder with all of the updated files including Netplay/GENS, roms etc.. When you sign-up for the league, you are invited to share the folder - could even become a decent repository for gamesaves. I also think
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