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  1. Why I stopped playing: 1) Don't have time to sit around waiting for people to show up. 2) Don't want to play a game with people around the world that is laggy. 3) Don't want to play a game in which I have to modify my schedule to meet someone else schedule 4) The Braggarts and Tryhards 5) Using AOL Aim....
  2. Per Nintendo Site: http://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/ You can play NES and Super Nintendo Games Online with others on the go. You wont be able to do custom mods, but thought this was cool.
  3. I'm sorry Im going to have to be out. If someone needs a week for vacation or something and needs a players I'll play but I dont want to bring the league down. I'm just of of time lately. Lot's of things happening with family and the house. I hope I can come back and play again as these leagues are really cool but need dedicated time.
  4. So how many games a week are we expected to play. Don't want to f'up the league if Im not around much.
  5. Crap I might not have much time. How many games a week was it?
  6. I would make it mandatory that we use a messaging system that was made this century. 96' called and they want their aol back.
  7. Be sure to email me, Ill be in of course!!!!
  8. I am no longer on pager... I am free tonite from 7pm-9pm cst. Will be around saturday and sunday... Will be out Sat 4pm-7pm
  9. Alirghty I am using framework and I have a very crude skating guy that I can control.... kinda funny, didnt think I could do this that easily...
  10. Thanks, Im going to give it a go and see if I can create a simple hockey game. I doubt I will get anywhere, but ill give it a try...
  11. I have done programming in the past, IE COBOL Assembler etc... Never tried to code stuff for video games. Are the tools used today simplistic to make games? Was thinking of making a simple nhl94 like game. Any developers here?
  12. Problem is that people who just sit and wait and wait get the best deals on players. I am certianly not putting players on the auction block and will wait this time around.
  13. You can use a wii remote with your phone if you have one. I can post if interested.