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    Hi Everyone! The new hockey season is officially here!!! With it, comes a bunch of new ROMs. As I did a "pre-season" version, I am now excited to present my official 2019 season ROM!!! Here’s what you need to know: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *There are over 100 new players in this ROM vs my 2018 ROM. Many of them are rookies. *I created a new structure for all teams. Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players (Shea Weber, Ryan Kesler, Seth Jones, Corey Perry, Mike Green, Torey Krug, Corey Crawford, Alex Galchenyuk, Cory Schneider, Dustin Brown, JG Pageau, etc.) are in the line-ups. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. Also, RFA “hold outs” like William Nylander and Nick Ritchie are in the line-ups. Kinda figure that they will stop being greedy and sitting at home before long. *Suspended players (Tom Wilson, Nate Schmidt, Austin Watson and Robert Bortuzzo) are in the line-ups. *LTIR players like Henrik Zetterberg (who has essentially retired) and Marian Gaborik (who may retire due to back surgery) are not in this ROM. I was going to include Patrick Eaves but left him out for now as his return is unknown and I needed his spot for a rookie. *Almost all opening night players made this ROM with the exception of approximately 10 players. I just couldn’t fit them given the 3/14/8 structure in bullet 3 (above). That said, I tried to include the guys that I felt most folks would want included. *Many of the line combinations and D pairings come from preseason and will be used on opening night. In some cases, they are what was/is projected when a healthy player returns. Feel free to change them if you want something different. *Jersey number have been updated for all players as of 10/2. This, of course, is subject to change. *31 NHL Teams. The “WPG freeze bug” still exists. *32nd team is a 2019 Prospects team (featuring Jack Hughes). *Kenny Albert has replaced Mike “Doc” Emrick as the new “Ron Barr”. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! If you catch any mistakes/errors, please let me know. Cheers! -The Sauce NHL94 2019 v1.1.bin Uploaded - 11/5/18 NHL94 2019 v2.bin Re-Uploaded - 12/9/18 NHL94 2019 v3.1.bin Re-Uploaded - 1/28/19 (All-Star Break Edition)
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    Big time player @kylewat, aka Zeppelin55, has officially registered. Don't be surprised to see him near the finals, he has the chops to beat anyone.
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    Thanks for the feedback/suggestion. I may give it a shot and see if I like 13/14 min periods. I haven't hear anyone mention it before. Can't promise I'll change it but, you never know. The good news is, if you download NOSE, you (the user) change customize the period lengths - super quick and easy.