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    I think it just uses some hacks of mine, I don't recall working on the ROM directly
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    The purpose of 0-15 is just to allow finer-grained ratings. The game remains essentially the same except that if you're creating players you can tune them more precisely. Unfortunately since I didn't make it 0-12 you can't directly map original nhl94 players to the finer scale by just multiplying by 2.
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    How to convert between the 200+ ratings and normal ratings: divide or multiply by 2.5. 230/2.5 = 92 It might not be exact due to rounding or slight formula differences in the hack.
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    You can change it back to "Normal" using the SmozRom, however the ratings will be really whacked as the person who made the rom with "abnormal" ratings changed it from a 0-6 rating to a 0-15. So changing the rom back you will still have players rated above 6 in many categories causing what I would think is a nightmarish situation. What roms are you working with? What is your goal? Also, NOSE shows you the correlating normal values of the ratings when using the abnormal ratings.
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    What game? Nhl94? What roms specifically? You can copy players between roms by having two NOSE windows open. Cyrl+c, ctrl+v (it will overwrite) I wonder if ROM B uses the special 0-15 ratings hack.