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    Hi all! I noticed there wasn't a roster update for this year on NHLPA '93, and I figured with Slapshot67's 32 team base, it would be a fun project to take up (and also get some more documentation on editing '93, since there's nothing out there compared to '94). Features Obviously fighting is back! Still working on trying to match the rate of fights in the NHL today with the AI, but that's what updates are for I suppose. (v1) 31-teams all updated, with a bonus 32nd team with myself and friends, but also quite a few "cheat code players", which I recommend checking out yourself. Expect the unexpected! (v1) Ron Barr has been replaced with Paul Bissonnette, and each team has gotten a brief write-up. (v1) Each team's roster has the top-9 forwards, top-6 defenseman, and top goalie based on a mixture of personal opinion, depth charts, and ratings. I used a mixture of performance from this season, reputation, "advanced" stats, and ratings from other games (other roster updates on forum, NHL 20, FHM 6, etc) to create the ratings/line-ups. If there's any major disagreement or error, please let me know via Discord. (v1) Known Bugs/Issues The game has crashed when it sits on screen where Zamboni drives across rink. Unsure of cause, but I believe I've patched it out at this point. If this continues, please let me know via Discord. (v1) Banner for 32nd team shows up wonky, unsure of fix. '93 uses 10 tile banners with an extension as opposed to the 12 we see in '94. (v1) I am still searching for the hex where the team ratings that are read off on the Ron Barr/BizNasty screen are stored in the ROM. No, I do not think the Sharks should have the same rating as the Blues. If anyone knows where these values are kept in '93, please let me know. (v1) The game automatically will start the team's worst goaltender at random, so to fight this, I just only gave each team one goalie, aside from some of the rosters where the position is being fought for. (v1) Special thanks to Slapshot67 for creating the 32-team rom, but also documenting a good amount of the work for the 30-team rom, so I could try to understand this version as much as possible. NHL Rivals 2020v1.binNHL Rivals 2020v1.zip
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    Roster changes aren’t permitted. I have to draw a line at submission to avoid endless changes. This was outline at the top of introduction page. Sorry man. “once a roster has been submitted, no add/drops.”
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    Fixed and re-posted. Working on fixing the 3v3 version and will re-post when I'm done.