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  1. Thanks for the advice, all. I've picked the teams I'm going to include in my ROM, downloaded NOSE and Tile Molester and plan to get started on my project this week. I'm traveling for work and will be stuck in a hotel room for three nights with precious little to do (although my Pens do play two of those nights, so I may find a bar somewhere and catch the games if I can).
  2. Sorry for the thread necro, but I'm finally making my way around the site and finding some threads I wanted to comment on. My list is: Penguins - Mario Lemieux (black) Avalanche - Peter Forsberg (white) Flyers - Eric Lindros (white, signed) Bruins - no name, black Mighty Ducks - no name, purple Whalers - no name (but probably getting Francis), green, with Pucky the Whale on the shoulders Potential future gets: Cleveland Barons (Dennis Maruk, red), Colorado Rockies (either Lanny McDonald or Joel Quenneville, blue)
  3. Thanks Jer. I'll make sure I save my work regularly and always have a backup in case of emergency. As far as personalizing the game, I really couldn't care less about rink graphics, music, etc. What I'm after is the ability to play oddball stuff, like the Kansas City Scouts against the Colorado Rockies or the California Golden Seals against the Cleveland Barons. To that end, I'm going to focus mostly on editing rosters and lines, because once that is done, playing games with horrible teams with rosters full of has-beens and never-will-bes is where I am going to get the most enjoyment.
  4. Thanks to both of you for your help. I will probably take smozoma's advice and start small, but since I do have a high-level of OCD, I most-likely will expand upon whatever I do with the first one and build it out if everything goes well. I've downloaded all of the ROMs from the 70's and 80's, so I should have the logos according to CoachMac, and as for the player ratings, I've already extracted all of the .csv files and started monkeying with them to make sure the ratings are consistent (I put all 20 years worth of rosters into one master spreadsheet, sorted by player name then
  5. I'm looking to create my own ROM, but before I do, I want to get some idea of what kind of time/effort commitment I'm looking at investing to do it. I have an obsession with bad teams, so I want to build a ROM that puts the worst teams in the expansion era into one place so I can play lousy teams against one another. I'm talking 72/73 Islanders, 74/75 Capitals, 83/84 Devils and Penguins, 85/86 Red Wings, 89/90 Nordiques, and all of the Barons, Seals, Scouts, Rockies, Whalers, and Jets you can shake a stick at. The player ratings won't be difficult to do, but I'm concerned about th
  6. I found this site a few years ago but didn't join at the time. However, I recently built a Raspberry Pi and was looking to get some ROMs of classic games I loved back in the day, and since I wasted many an hour in college playing NHL '94, I figured I would return and see what you had to offer. I was really excited to see that there are versions of rosters dating back into the late 70's and 80's, as that's when I developed my love for hockey. I was in elementary school when the WHA and NHL merged and grew up in Pittsburgh as a Penguins fan from BL (Before Lemieux), so it was cool to se