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  1. I use router and I can log into servers.. so it may not be a problem...
  2. The problem was that the Gens 9.5b doesn't work ok with 32 bit graphic resolution on my PC, but with 16 bit it works right:)
  3. I have a problem... I have played NHL'94 (with Gens 9.5b) without any problem on my computer - with 2xSAI (Kreed) graphics. But one day I came home and run Gens 9.5b and the graphic was strange.. so I clicked on the Graphic in menu and chose Render and here was no Render ticked and only Normal, Double and EXP was albe to tick. So up to now I can play with Normal, Double and EXP graphics only. I don't know where's the problem. Nothing happened on my computer, classic Gens works OK - any Render is possible to choose on it, but in Gens 9.5b I still can't. I tried everything but it still doesn't work. Help me please, where might be the problem??
  4. AIM: sakulitarvan94 I play Gens I am always up for a game.
  5. Do you mean this problem: when you run netplay Kaillera is requesting, but right on it the game crash?
  6. Yes thanks... but what with my Netplay problem, I can't run it. (I think that I do something wrong, but I don't know what)
  7. I downloaded Gens emulator and league ROM from Classic '94 page - and the game works OK on my computer. But if I try Netplay the game crash (it shows me Kaillera Client screen and requesting, but right on it the game crashes) Please HELP... what else should I do for online playing?? (btw must I owned AIM client and AIM screen name for netplay??)
  8. Please can I somehow play NHL 95 with locked position (G, LD, PK, C,...). How can I do that??