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  1. for real tho this clone game would be dope
  2. I have been doing the same thing hahaha I am getting antsy over here
  3. Went into my settings and reset another time and OpenEmu now works fine. Thank you everyone for the help!!!!
  4. I went to the websites that the emulator links brought me to and began to download them. Once they finished i tried to open them on my desktop but a pop up stopped me and said opening a non apple client was blocked by my security settings. I changed the settings and restarted my computer but the same pop up keeps telling me i cannot open the emulators. Went through the same process with the other available ones. The desktop play works fine tho
  5. Right so i downloaded all 3 and none of them work. My computer wont let me open any of them even after i shut off the privacy walls in my settings
  6. Pretend you have to explain how to download and play this game to someone who has never used a mac or done anything tech related like installing games... because I'm that person and would love to learn how to play one of my favorite games!