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  1. I just re-posted this rom without the WSH/WPG Freeze bug. As noted in another thread, there is a way to "fix" it by disabling the player card records in game mode. It doesn't disable the portraits in the Team Selection page nor the Game Matchup page with Ron Barr. With 2v2 and 3v3, the player card records are broken anyway and cause the game to freeze. So, I simply disabled them which fixes the freeze bug on the Team Selection page. I may do this for my 5v5 season roms as well. TBD.
  2. Nice find! There is another way to "fix it" without the result of double names in the player portrait cards... disable the reading of the player card records. @smozoma discovered this fix back in 2016 (11/7/2016 post). It makes it so the player cards can't be read/reviewed in game mode. You can still see them in the Team Selection mode and in the Team Matchup page.
  3. Hi Everyone! I took my NHL94 2021 "Way Too Early" rom (the @slapshot67 template) and converted it to 3v3 play (file posted below the notes). Some notable changes/fixes/updates: *The game no longer freezes during the Ron Barr/Tonight's Match message screen. Special thanks to @seamorand @smozoma for their findings and post on how to limit player cards on this screen. That was the cause of the freeze in past versions. *Like the above, I limit the player cards in the Team Selection pages. You now see one Dman, a winger, a center and a goalie. *You can now edit/update PP units in the
  4. Could this be a "doth protest too much" thing, with your expressed animosity toward NHL95? And, with some of your recent "likes", on this thread, could Darth @segathon and @UltraMagnusbe wearing down your hatred of 95? Then again, as Star Wars teaches us, if you do go to the Dark Side, ala Anakin, you are bound to return to the Light. Of course, I kid with you. If 94 is truly your destiny, we are glad to have you on the team!
  5. I have the player names and numbers in my 3v3 roms. Feel free to use them as a base. I positioned them based on how I remembered them in the movie. Just ignore Scott Gomez and Matt Carle. I added them to that team as I need some extra players and they are both from Alaska.
  6. Amen! However, some can be converted to the cause. My wife, who met him and several others when we came to NYC event, saw (first hand) the passion and enthusiasm (and comraderie) for the forum/game. While she still isn't thrilled about me playing the game or editing my roms late at night, I think she "gets it" now. I used to belong to a now defunct NHL2K site. It was a blast getting to know other folks who shared a similar passion in addition to creating custom roster files. This site, has been an even better experience. Mainly, because I am far more pasionate about NHL94. So, that
  7. 100% agree. EA's FY net revenue earnings, for 2020, was $5.5B.
  8. What really kills me is, how could they have not put the trapezoid or new goalie crease in the latest version??? The players are from 2020 but the rink is from 1994. LAZINESS!!!
  9. It's kinda sad that they couldn't draw inspiration from mine or @skip/slapshot67's or @naples39's current season roms. Especially, as that is what NHL Rewind is ...current rosters in the NHL94 skin! Ours contain the wonderful fixes, patches or enhancements created by @smozoma, @clockwise and @slapshot67. Fixes that improved what was already a classic. Take those enhancements/changes, throw in the new/cool custom skin tones feature, the new controller select screen, the achievement awards and make it available for online play. BOOM! Instantly better than their current NHL product line.
  10. Howdy! For those who read my previous post (pre-edit/update), due to logistical concerns, I have decided to scrap the NHL Reverse Retro version of my NHL94 2021 "Way Too Early" rom. The more that I worked on it, the more that I realized it wasn't going to end up as I had previously hoped. It's a "cash grab" gimmick by the NHL that doesn't translate to our rom constraints so, I don't want to release something that is forced. Sorry for the false alert. Lesson learned... never promote dinner until it is out of the oven. Once the 2021 season begins, I'll post my "season version"
  11. UPDATE: The Reverse Retro Jersey project has been scrapped.
  12. Yes. As the rom that you mention is either my rom or Seamor's 2v2 version, I can confirm that it works.
  13. You're welcome! Thanks for the kind words! I, too, probably play it, as well as edit it, way too much which is why I felt the need to thank my awesome (understanding) wife at the end of the game credits. LOL
  14. Oh...updated version of the ROM is in the original post. Forgot to mention that fact.
  15. Hi Everyone! So, recently, I made some notable changes to my "NHL 2021 "Way too Early" ROM. In particular, I wanted to see how close (for my own taste) I could get the player ratings distribution to mirror the original version. It's not exact but I got pretty darn close. Now I have a 10 page cheatsheet (file) to help me with this endeavor with blueprints on how to add and take away players and keep the distribution %s the same. To do this, I took count of the original game's Forwards and Dmen (minus any dups who played on both ANA or FLA as well as another team) and did a side-by-side c
  16. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    Cool. Congrats on your rom release!
  17. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    I have no idea why it created a 2nd post when I edited the previous. Ghosts in the machine.
  18. That's for 3on3, not 2on2. You have to do some transposing to make it work on 2on2.
  19. Sauce

    NHL Jam '21

    @seamor Use this link to resolve the crashing. It's what I used on my 3on3 roms. It works. And while I don't mind you using my/slapshots rom, please take my wife's name out of the "thank you" credits on your future versions. That my easter egg, to my wife, for all of her patience when I do my work.
  20. @denver19 For folks to help you, I think you need to provide more details then what you posted. For starters, what emulator are you using to play the rom file?