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  1. Ohh Nice... Thanks for your welcome! About Fifa I`ve post a message here , if you could help me with a question there... Our Super Monaco Facebook Community in Brazil My Super Monaco Challenge page My Super Monaco F1 Betting site, just for fun, no money...(Changing points, competitors change Smgp cars as in the game) My Super Monaco GP Hacks (1st link is the updated in portuguese, 2nd is Asmgp2 as F1 2017, 3rd is 1st color version hacked in portuguese, 4th is Brunette Edition in English) Finally, My Fifa 95 hack, but in portuguese (I may do an english version) Nelson Ps: You`ve done so many NHL 94 hacks, may I do some Do exist a nations nhl hack?
  2. Good Night...petraiwe, I didn`t found any sections about non nhl hacks, so let me put here, thank you I`ve been introduced in this topic below... It`a nice to see you reading this now , hope you find interesting...and may help you with EA (Electronic Arts) games hack.. So... let`s go... I`m doing a Fifa 95 hack to became Fifa 2018 Russia World Cup, but it`s not completed, maybe by the end of the year with a help from some Whatsapp friends... It`s like 50% player names, 80% team shirts corrected, 90% graphics and translation But over the time I know this great site and forum, I know you don`t care so much about soccer games, so this talk will be about my knowledge with this one, but if you ask, I can provide the download, but this version it`s in One of the biggest discoveries in Hack and lollable was also that I noticed in the Hexadecimal Editor after the name of the Team / Selection and before the players name had an exclamation and 3 letters (double), example: !A0B !B0B ... So, I started to see a certain pattern in that ... I noticed better and discovered that selections / teams with the same color had these same letters. Then this example, was !A0B first(home) white and green uniform, and second(away) green and white uniform !!!! I was able to make a table with all these combinations and the corresponding colors. Two teams, however, I found it strange, because River Plate (A3P B3P) and Boca Juniors (A3L B3L), had the perfect shirts, so going to Hive Pal (color editor), I noticed that these two teams had a fourth possible color !!! : shock: And the others, 3 (of 4 possible) ...but I will not mess with it now, maybe after this hack to improve it even more !!! Hope it can help you some way.... ... Now, if you know this below, please answer me! May I ask you something that bothers me. Help me understand how this can be done... This above, it`s an animated intro (in fact it`s a image, but in game the words appear from both sides) of this hack (Fifa 2003 Road to World cup), I`m re-hacking... lol But Fifa 95 the original game don`t have this!!!! :shock: People from other foruns had said this intro is from World Cup from Nes With tiles of Supersoccer from Super Nes ,I `ve copied and pasted to became my character known in Brazil rom hacking scene and an awful writed So, how this "game code implant" could be done? By assembly? Or copyiing a portion of some hexadecimal an putting in front of Fifa 95 beginning??? And , how in the world a Nes game intro could fit in a Genesis game? Thank you, Nelson Ps: Almost forget, I`ve did a Super Monaco GP Brunette Edition hack with all cars correct colors, now I`ve a new one with countries colors in their tracks...
  3. I`m a great fan of yours ,mantaining this site/forum over all these years. Have been here watching some interesting topics, wonderful hacks and championships you have yet... And learning a bit with a wonderful page , how to play online through Kaillera and Logme in. To be honest, here in Brazil, people don`t know hockey so much, only when it`s winter olympics time on tv. But us, gamers know and love this game... I`d enjoyed so much playing nhl on my youth with friends, we laugh at times with situations in game, like I do remember in the midtime showing other games goal`s , think that was amazing, after, or before have seen in Lakers vs Celtics from EA in the midtime and NBA Jam from Midway.... Other game that was very fun, was Mutant League About your question when we register, i had Atari, Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast through my gamer life, but I prefer any console, with emulation we can play anithing!! In facebook , i`m part of a Super Monaco GP Community that organise Championships, and in Whatsapp have some friends that like Fifa from EA very much!!! So, I`m here to share some findings, i`ll put on hack section if you`re interested... Best regards, Nelson