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  1. I'll figure out which ones to do, I wont do multiple Mem Cup champs from same team (as a resident of Kitchener, i know the Rangers won 2 Cups but I would have to pick one for example)
  2. I was hoping for all time teams, I can do research for you on the teams involved, I can also give u Memorial Cup Champions for 30-34 teams and u can easily look that up on or whereever... up to you
  3. Cant u just keep doing the years past 97 and maybe do them in NHL 94/95/96/97 like do a rotation? It would be nice to see each years rosters past 97 and keep ppls collections going
  4. I think the ROMs there can be accessed here: PS Its from Dropbox, are there more floating around that i didnt find?
  5. Triple Play would be perferred for MLB but if its WOrld Series... not going to complain NBA- Yeah NBA Action for that project would be suffice Evidently, if u need help with the CHL project for rosters, let me know
  6. NHL- I would like to see a 30 team ROM with the best teams in CHL history (Canadian Hockey League to clarify) cause those teams in Canadian cities are a huge deal (I am from Kitchener home of the OHJL's Rangers which haved churned out great talent like Paul Coffey, Larry Robinson, Al MacInnis and even in todays league as u got Landeskog, John Gibson and even Kubalik being ex-Rangers) MLB, NBA- Any ROM to do with All-Time Teams is great (I am aware that NHL and NFL have some All Time Team ROMS so basically im not requesting that
  7. Yes i did mean that, sorry THose links are just for NFL hacks I really am interested in MLB/NBA/NCAAFB/Soccer hacks moreso than other leagues... of course is for hockey
  8. THis site had great mods of not just the NFL like it was intended to be but also had other sports, not really hockey, cause thats what this site is about but is there another site like TecmoSuperBowl.Org where there are mods currently being done??? Still looking at the NHL94/normal NHL mods in this site
  9. Cutter

    QMJHL 2020

    the question is... will u or someone else do OHL and WHL 2020 or all time rosters of the CHL for that matter??
  10. Cutter

    NHL Legends

    This is a great birthday present for me as i turn 35 today
  11. Cutter

    USHL 20

    If u want help researching for the CHL roms (even all-time teams) I can do it for u
  12. Or have it that EACH team plays outdoors in a rink, not just specific ones, would be nice if ALL 31 teams could have that Obviously an outdoor ice rink and NOT like Ball Hockey
  13. Cutter

    USHL 20

    Are you or any1 else planning to do a CHL (Canadian Hockey League) type of ROM? I can help with research if need be