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  1. confirmed. great games man and good luck in the postseason
  2. confirmed, great games. gl in the postseason
  3. PIT 3 DAL 2 DAL 2 PIT 1 another set of great games...
  4. PIT 4 @ BUF 3 tight game, very good play
  5. confirmed, tight games, both down to the wire.
  6. confirmed, they were both great games
  7. i confirm these scores, they were great games.
  8. i confirm this. great games man, that last one was a nailbiter. good luck
  9. i'm in... AIM: electric jetta time zone: EST Server name: mr tuxedo t-shirt team list: 1. Montreal 2. LA Kings 3. Calgary 4. Vancouver 5. Pittsburgh 6. Detroit 7. St. Louis 8. Boston 9. New York Rangers 10. Dallas 11. Quebec 12. Chicago 13. Toronto 14. Edmonton 15. San Jose 16. NY Islanders 17. Winnipeg 18. Florida 19. Hartford 20. Tampa Bay
  10. Los Angeles here, we need to play some games, i'm nearly always open during the primetime hours and later on... IM me: electric jetta or email me @
  11. yeah detroit and chicago need to start playin
  12. hey when the gr81 said he played electric eye, that was me, just wanted to let you know.
  13. Hi i'm Matt, kind of new to nhl 94, but i played tons of nhl 95 in my day. Waiting for a confirmation game...