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  1. Ok so its a save editor thanks for your help.
  2. how do open Roms i keep getting,code 31:there is no application associated with the given filename extension.
  3. Lets just get back on topic its not that big of a deal.
  4. Well gen version can be edited so what point in posting this in my topic?
  5. For over two years now i have been trying to edit this game,with no luck its no help when you cant decompress the ROM to see the player,name,number,wight,stick hand,and what not is there a way i can do this if there is please help me out thanks.
  6. The hack was a waste of time.I need tool to edit the game with out that i cant.
  7. Mike Toomy

    NOSE for SNES?

    Maybe I Can Look in to this but my programming skills Suck.
  8. Lmao Way To many Bug i have to fixs.
  9. Mike Toomy

    NOSE for SNES?

    My God Hex Editing Snes hockey games Is So Hard i can even edit the teams Overalls.
  10. feedback is very Important
  11. decompress The Rom may be very hard but hay any thing can be Dunn.about the other stuff EA Tiburon Was Making offer to people that made demos For some job thing.
  12. Have you try these roms. NHL '96 (E) NHL '96 (U) [!] NHL '96 (U) [f1] [!] Verified Good Dump (E) Europe [f1] ????
  13. I Try Hacking it A Few Days a go but i had no luck.