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  1. lost but now found(hopefuly for ever!!) the WHL 09 rom!! i have a BIG folder of others should i upload them or let a mod look at the folder first and see if it is anything in there that would be a asset to the community? WHL 09 NEW.bin
  2. UPDATE!!!! so i have dug around on my old hard drive and found the WHL 09 rom!!! ill upload it on the main page so its in the library here. Enjoy!!!
  3. SWEET!!!! thanks Naples39 & FlyersHockey1967. Im about to get into my old desktop and extract the WHL rom as well. The AHL rom? i have in the past tried to lean to edit start up logo & banners, and i just was lost. I do have those other roms FlyersHockey1967 that need logos(ECHL&QJMHL/OHL) if u want to collaborate on those let me know.
  4. Yea those roms are graphically unfinished. But im hoping that somebody does have the first 2 roms or even the WHL one would be nice, some is better then none. and if so ill be sure to let u guys know so the next me wont half to go through this. It wont stop me but its be nice. They wore those for 2 years right? 96-97 and 97-98? I figured this was not out there and that the deadline one was as good as ill get.
  5. So i;m looking for 3 roms, 2 of these i know was out there at one point, the 3rd im not sure was, i never seen it but it might of been made. So here is what im looking for: all are NHL94 for the genesis 1. WHL(Western Hockey League) - Cant find it anywhere links are dead. 2. AHL - This version had banners and start up logos, seems like every one on the net now is missing this and, to me i cant play with no banners at all!! Cause i dont know what team i am on the play off banner so idk who i might play next. 3. 1996-97 - More importantly, one with the islanders "fisherman" logo as the start-up the 1997 trade deadline one has the old logo on it, im not sure if this even has ever been made so this one is a long shot. I'm sure the first 2 roms are out there someplace, and if anybody has them and can upload them or just pm me Please & Thank You to anybody that has these.
  6. somebody still has this game right????
  7. bump, its the version that HAS logos and banners, the version on this site does not for some reason, is that a easy fix??
  8. is there a AHL from the 2003-04 season or the year before???
  9. bump trying to find this myself again, if anybody has this please let me know,
  10. so has anybody modded these further yet?
  11. no i had them years ago and hey had em
  12. so i opened up my ahl roms to discover no banners or start up logos, does anybody have these correct roms? thanks!
  13. that playoff draw is kinda wacky i have noticed some teams from the west in the east and vise versa, but overall GREAT job with the jets logos!!
  14. So i have a few roms that i started a few years ago and i just dont have the time to finnish them and i hate to see these go to waste. names of teams and such are done but logos and rosters are not so im gonna upload them so that maybe somebody someday can, i mixed and matched teams from the present and past in these too and i have some defunct teams and my plan was to make a "best of" for those teams. Have Fun!! Edit i fixed a few bugs and realized that the "ihl" one is a mix of the old & new ihl some uhl and ushl IHL.bin AHL.bin ECHL.bin OHL-QMJHL.bin
  15. Ben Burke

    cant open NOSE

    every time i try to open NOSE i get "install and update windows common control active x controll dll (mscomctl.ocx) any help on how to fix it??
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