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  1. Hey guys, has vancouver played anyone yet? I have 2 remaining games and I cant find this guy! Who decides when to replace someone? I'm not sure that I have a good enough record to proceed into the post season but I would like to finish my last two games
  2. confirmed yeah splits are the story of my life. good games, I always have a hard time against detroit....I just can't seem to land a body check on those guys! good luck on the rest of your games
  3. those are confirmed. * Warden: please note when you are logging these games that I also posted these very same scores....I assure you we only played 2 games, not 4
  4. game 1: NYR 3 @ CAL 1 game 2: CAL 3 @ NYR 2 (Overtime Win) Quite a bit of lag, but the games were close.....especially that overtime frame good games man
  5. ggs man, I dont know what happened there. Hextall did save everything I put at him but whatever, you win some you lose some. Good luck with the rest of your season
  6. those are confirmed, good games man
  7. NYR 3 @ CHI 4 CHI 3 @ NYR 0 Chicago sweep, ggs
  8. NYR 4 @ MTL 3 OT MTL 3 @ NYR 6 good games man, good luck on the rest of your games
  9. Wpg 2 @ NYR 3 OT NYR 3 @ WPG 4 good games , one win each
  10. Game 1: STL 2 @ NYR 6 Game 2: NYR 4 @ STL 3 Good games man
  11. it sucks but its true we both had crappy goals go in, all and all it was a pair of great games
  12. I confirm these scores......close games indeed. Too bad we had that desynch but its all good
  13. Game 1: NYR 4 @ DAL 2 Game 2 coming soon gg, the fans liked what they saw out there
  14. see this exact post to see that I already posted those two games. At least we now know the scores
  15. I believe I already posted those two games in which I took part. Scroll up a bunch and find my post(s). I always just post the scores right after I play the games
  16. ok put me down as well AIM: ElioPrashad Timezone - eastern standard time Server name: Elio Team preferences: 1 Detroit 2 New York Rangers 3 Vancouver 4 Buffalo 5 Chicago 6 Calgary 7 Toronto 8 St Louis 9 Boston 10 Quebec 11 Pittsburgh 12 Montreal 13 Winnipeg 14 Dallas 15 Washington 16 Los Angeles 17 Edmonton 18 Philadelphia 19 Long Island 20 New Jersey 21 San Jose 22 Hartford 23 Florida 24 Tampa Bay 25 Anaheim 26 Ottawa
  17. 114: Can 3 (Habs/Elio @ USA 5 (Shifty/SOH) 115: USA 5 (Shifty/SOH) @ Can 3 (Habs'Elio) 116: Can 5 (Elio/Hokkee) @ USA 3 (Shifty/SOH)
  18. Can 3(dmac/elio) @ USA 7(jesus/EA) (USA WINS) Can 4(dmac/elio) @ USA 6(jesus/EA) (USA WINS) USA 3(jesus/EA) @ CAN 4 (dmac/elio) OT (CAN WINS) USA 4 9jesus/EA) @ CAN 5 (dmac/elio)OT (CAN WINS)
  19. Ok, see this post above......each of these 3 games USA was at home
  20. I dont remember exact scores but heres a few more results: Usa beats canada (jesus/ea beat elio/dmac) USA beats canada (same as above) Canada beats USA (elio/dmac beat jesus/EA) OT Canada beats USA (Same) OT someone post a reply to this exact post with the scores 2 games a piece