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  1. Sickkk men but Kostityn's goal was even better Vs atlanta then Vs Washington hes a hell of a dangler
  2. Hey what about Andrei Kostitsyn? his last goal yesterday versus Atlanta was sick!!! and his goal vs the caps earlier 2 go on NHL.com for higlights
  3. Yeah when u can defend against it's not that gay... goals are goals when i was playing real hockey i made ''the crosby move'' to lift the puck on my tape and i dropped it on the back off the goalie and it went in =D
  4. jsut said it no honor and still you didnt trashed me at all 5-3 and 8-5
  5. First game Sun PIT 5 WIN 4 me Second game me WIN 5 PIT 8 Sun
  6. First game Sun PIT 5 WIN 4 me Second game me WIN 5 PIT 8 Sun
  7. The problem is Sun that youre not even insured to win ur league Brent or dexture could com and kick you or even some1 to replace brent...
  8. At Worst i can pick up his team .... i would get no honor at all but still some good gaming =D
  9. Hey hi there I wanna sign up for GENS C or D some guys like jesusplaysnhl94 tested me AIM FlamingPavelBure
  10. Yeah man thats the stuff i love Mogilny use himeverywhere PP SH i think hes way better than Roenick and he makes a great pair with Lafontaine!
  11. hey fleury if u wanna play online Now just reply this message and give a server name so i can easily join you!
  12. Could you please test me? im in the pk server right now i think id' be a good addition too and be very competitive!
  13. yeah i cheked out more and find it i will dl it now...
  14. Hi im the Karl Aka the russian rocket same for the aim and im waiting for a test game ^^
  15. Iv'e signed up and wanna play a test game my AIM is the same as my username ^^
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