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  1. This image of an old man appeared in my head. He was in a big white room nurturing a controller surrounded by other old people, men and women.

    All with joysticks and other electronic gaming devices hooked up to t.v.'s. And this one guy..This one guy had a Pc. All moded up and hooked up to his hover round power wheel chair playing against some other decrepit old fart in NHL 94...When I realized this guy was me. There I was..50 years in the future, in a retirement home ..My hair all bloomed gray. My fingers with a permanent ( C ) button imprint from chronic gaming..Battling against other senior gamers..Playing for the rights to my adversary's prune juice and granola bars for the week.

    Is that how it's gonna be? Playing 94 and other games well into our golden years? I don't envision myself letting up anytime soon.

  2. Dont get me wrong here I love me some 93, but there are several reasons why I think 94 is better: One timers, it adds some diversity to scoring and really breaks up the monotony of pulling dekes and slap shots all day.

    Ea also omitted the team logos on the ice surface, which I really didn't understand.

    But the biggest reason why I think 94 prevails as the better game is beacuse of the way the golies flop around like fish out of water on what should be just a rebound or a save.

    Just my 2 cents

  3. It's difficult to say because all three of the positions are equally indispensable. But there are some vital attributes that are essential when formulating a team.
    One of them is speed. Speed is an absolute necessity in '94, and can really disguise a individual players deficiencies no matter the position. It's speed that will make the difference on break always and one-timers on the rush.
    Shot power and accuracy are important, obviously.
    I also think offensive awareness and passing accuracy are underrated.
    Naturally some players are more coveted than others, but seeing how there is an abundance of great forwards: good D and a strong keeper will probably be at a premium in the draft.

  4. The only way to be effective with a team like the NYI imo against a juggernaut like Chicago or Detroit is probably puck possession and precision passing .

    You will most likely have to play keep away the entire contest and be very good in face-offs: try to lure the opposition into your zone; and hope you can generate some odd-man rushes through quick outlet passes. If you play a superior deffensive team, one-timers would be your best chance to score since you probably won't be able to get in real tight.

    Try to configure your lines with the fastest skaters in order to compensate for their deficiencies, keep your fastest line fresh and try not to over persue the opposition.

    I still don't see how you would have any chance against a smart veteran who's playing with a team like Chicago or Buffalo.

  5. k0ln.jpg

    - NHL '94 is the lord of hockey games; there is no game above it.

    - Honor thy game and console.

    - Thou shall not be vulgar in the presence of nhl '94.

    - Remember the release date of NHL '94 and keep it holy.

    - Thou shall not commit adultery with another hockey game.

    - Treat NHL '94 in life as you would in death.

    - Thou shall not insert extremities into the controler port.

    - One must be respectfull of their opponent, no matter how bad they suck.

    - Thou shall not worship another hockey game.

    - One must not forfeit during a contest, no matter how lopsided the score.

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