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  1. Hey guys. Sorry I haven't reply yet. I had some laptop problems. I'm still working on this rom edit. I thinking instead of having one rom with some of the greatest all star teams. I could make 3 or 4 of them, and have all the All Star teams, and divided them by decade. Any Suggestions?
  2. Since there's no All Star Game this year because of the 2010 Winter Games, I decided to make an rom edit of NHL 94 with some of the greatest All Star teams in NHL All Star Game history. I currently have two teams in the game (1969 East and West Teams) with I think complete rosters. The stats on the other hand are fake (Most Players are at 99 overall). I have some pictures of the game menus, team rosters, and the opening faceoff. This is were I need some of your help. What All Stars Teams do you want inclued in the game? I have 13 spots left (28 teams/2 All Stars Teams= 14(From 1970 and up)).
  3. As my user name suggests, the New York Rangers. Other favorites: Chicago Blackhawks, and the Min. Wild.
  4. I started to make a rom edit of NHL 98 with the roster the next season (2008-2009) and got the rosters to the Ducks (in game), Red Wings, and the Oilers. and nedd some help find the depth carts for some of the teams. Here's a photo of the the Ducks Roster: I still need to put the team's logos in, and the the player's numbers.
  5. nyrangers

    NHL 95 Music

    Here's a link to NHL 95 and other NHL games musics. http://www.youtube.com/user/simp95