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  1. And again some new roster and player attribute updates: http://www.nhl94.com/update/ I'm planning to update all team and player attributes after the Stanley Cup playoffs. We'll see if I have enough time to do that...
  2. Actually, all AHL- and NHL-roms are done by me and swos together. I have done rosters and most of player cards. And swos have done awesome work with other graphics. Have to say that for example new sweaters and face off circles are great. Sorry Ben Burke, but I can't help you with AHL rom now. I got enough work with updating NHL2006a and NHL2006b roms. Lots of transactions, trades and retirements nowdays.
  3. No, I'm not wrong. Yeah, it's true that attributes like "Handedness/Fighting and Roughness have no impact on the overall rating. That's because they are not real attributes. Handedness/Fightning just shows is player righty or lefty in NHL94. In NHL93 it might be attribute. And Roughness is not even displayed in the game, so I'm not counting it to player attributes. When I'm saying player attributes, I mean: Agility, Speed, Off. Awareness, Def. Awareness, Shot Power, Checking, Stick Handling, Shooting Accuracy, Endurance ja Aggressiviness. All these attributes have impact on the player's overall rating in NHL94. So Aggressiviness affects to player's overall rating! I can prove that too: Take some player who have aggressiviness 6. For example Sean Avery in NHL2006a. Change his aggressiviness to 0. It will affect to his overall rating! And I'm with you that it's definitely not easy to calculate player's overall rating.
  4. That's not true. All categories and player attributes are taken into consideration for the overall rating. But it seems that some attributes affect more that others. For example Off. awareness and Def. awaraness.
  5. Thanks a lot for your notes. Here's my 2 cents with my bad English. You know, there's about 600 NHL players to made for NHL2006a and NHL2006b bin, so there might be few errors, but these attributes are also my point of view of Flyers' players. You really should make your own bins, if the Flyers are so fucked up. I'm going to do big attribute update in December. It would be very stupid to raise Richard's or Carter's attributes when there's hardly player 10 games in NHL. When these guys have played 20-35 games, we'll see what kind of players they really are. Same with almost every other player. Pavel Vorobiev is best scorer for the Blackhawks, shoud he be overall 70? I don't think so, because I want to see, if he can keep his groove longer than first 10 games. I can do Brashears' and Primeau's corrections and few others also. Gagne is not going to be speed 6, because no player in NHL2006a or NHL2006 has speed 6. Forsberg can say anything he wants, but he don't have any clue about updating roms. But you should really know that when making players, I must also check their overall attributes and teams overall succees. If Flyers, Sharks, Predators etc. is top team in NHL, then all of their players are little better in NHL2006a and NHL2006b. If they suck, then their players will be little worse. And if for example Hatcher plays good in real NHL, I must make him good to NHL2006a and NHL2006b. Therefore some of his attributes might be better than in real life. There is lot of things to check when you make players. I will consider your notes, but I won't make them all. I hope you will be patient with attributes, because I don't have time to update them daily, weekly or even monthly. Updating trades and transactions already takes a lot of time. I will update every players' attributes in December. I really hope you understand what kind of process it is to make and update players. It takes a lot of time and as I said, there is a lot of things to check when you make players.
  6. Intentional. You can't add nicknames for Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus or Minnesota.
  7. I'm up for the challange too. See you at ircNET and #NHL94.
  8. Players energy should decrease faster. Now you can play hole game only using one line. If players get tired faster, then you should use all three lines. Teams wouldn't anymore based only on their first lines and five players but all three lines and 15 players. Then there really would be huge difference between teams, because some teams have better depth chart than others. That's the easiest way to make NHL94 more realistic.
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