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  1. sdogg why don't we just replay the game over again
  2. I wonder what exactly was in that PM myself
  3. I could give you some ideas tuba but since both of us are at the s**t end of the stick I rather not since w'ell end playing against each other
  4. bump updated aim. look at first post
  5. now someone tells me. GODAMMIT
  6. I feel the same way and im Pittsburgh my record in Gens-C is beyond brutal even though I got a very good team and Mario. but im not giving up, im just practicing so I get better and waiting for the day I get my first win
  7. Anybody wanting to play games will have to wait due to im having major aim problems at the moment plus a major computer crash. Once i hopefully figure stuff out i will get back online (again hopefully) otherwise I would have bow out and someone would have take over my team BTW if I cannot get online I will PM someone to relay the news Update: aim changed to my email address maverickz161@hotmail.com so anyone wanting to play games use the new aim to get in touch with me
  8. oh well would've been nice if i got Montreal, but its okay as long as I got Pittsburgh since im actually using that team for practice games against the CPU
  9. Does anyone have an idea when the schedules, teams, etc for this year's league will be announced?
  10. hey im new coach here. First time signing up for a tourney like this Playing with GENS AIM (new) burnedouthabs
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