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  1. i guess tonight after the habs gm
  2. one thing before you make the regular season rom change my team's preview to talk about the players i drafted not something that happened in DGL 93. I know that was most likely put in for the LOL. but seriously i was checking the preseason rom (which is very cool BTW) and all previews were about the players & coaches only my team didnt except the coach part.
  3. told you that it was kinda unfair. putting it at 2 seems right
  4. Montreal Canadiens Line 1 LW - Bob Bassen C - Yzerman RW - Claude Lemieux LD - Dave Manson RD - Garth Butcher X- Esa Tikkanen Line 2 LW - Scott Mellanby C - Esa Tikkanen RW - Chris Nilan LD - Ken Daneyko RD - Phil Housley X - Steve Yzerman Checking LW - Scott Mellanby C- Bob Bassen RW - Claude Lemieux LD - Dave Manson RD - Garth Butcher X - Steve Yzerman G - Bob Essensa (hopefully) Backup - Chris Terreri
  5. I have doubts on that myself LOL. so if im not around just coachmac pick for me the highest rated defenseman left on the board
  6. s**t ok umm.. Claude Lemieux. Sorry
  7. you should have asked coachmac first to see if you could change ur pick
  8. yeah everthing does look great but one question. who wants to make a pick in this draft a 7AM in the morning?
  9. mav

    New 93 League

    it would be like gens 2012 league it had 5 mins, penalties, offsides and line chages. it felt more like a sim than anything else, but it was kinda fun even though it was slow at times
  10. mav

    New 93 League

    line changes would make it little bit more strategic with line combos and all IMO
  11. i believe we already have something like that its called kings court http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14686-kings-court-gens-best-of-5/
  12. robbie wiil be mucho disappointed with you guys
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