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  1. I lived there most of my life, and yeah I probably saw you and thought to myself, hey that's a great game... 95 sucked though... but I liked 96
  2. I'm kind of new... (ignore that I have been here, mostly lurking, for 4 years) but have decided to take the plunge in playing with others, something I've not done (with 94) since I was a kid... If I do play in any league, I just hope my record is better then Ottawa's debut season... lol then I will be happy
  3. Only one, I still have all my Genesis games, they've stood the test of time (18 or so years), where my 360 didn't last a year
  4. my favorite team is (hopefully) returning!!
  5. for me...Hardford Whalers, not totally sure why-I do love the uniform colour-and the team is pretty good, least I think so
  6. Wow, well as we've seen some of the names can be, I guess mimicking the surroundings of the city (like Carolina with the Hurricanes) I mean what else is Halifax really known for, to the US mainly? I think This Hour has 22 Minutes is taped there... though I doubt they get that (considering Talking to Americans) Hamilton had a team...once (for 5 years in the 20's) the Hamilton Tigers, I hope they'd be called that, again not sure what (if anything significant compared to say Winnipeg or Quebec) they're known for (don't quote me on this)
  7. I'd buy a Halifax Explosion(s) jersey!
  8. or whatever else NHL 94 comes on lol I got mine on Sega Genesis, classic vintage stuff reminds me of my childhood- where my friends and I would sit around and have a mini tournament-copying my dads friends who would have giant tournements
  9. last one I had was a Florida one but I outgrew it so gave it away I wanna get a Quebec one
  10. move them to Halifax and call them "Halifax Explosions" (before anyone says thats poor taste look at the Avalanche or the Hurricanes lol)
  11. a weird sens one I got back in 1996 obviously its much too small for me (I was a small child then) I remember that game-Ottawa vs Hartford ottawa won it was the best game I'd ever been too
  12. when I was a kid, I got a sega genesis for christmas, I was 4-5-that was... well 1993-1994, and one of the 3 games I got was NHL 94...I never got rid of the sega, never thought it was a good idea (didn't enjoy the playstation-only reason I have one is cause I got it with a book) lol
  13. my ancient Genesis controller will never break lol even after today (playing Sonic 3-I hate Robotnik more then the 94 New Jersey Devils, Frieza and allergies) but hockey is usually a more relaxed game, brings back fond memories when I played it as a kid...that and Desert Strike