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  1. My French is kind of bad, but I'm going to try to give this to you in my (admittedly Americanized) own translation. Please tell me if this misrepresents you Pearate. I have to say that I kind of agree with him in a lot of respects. This site is cliquey as hell and the same few players play in the same leagues all the time. Even as someone who has been around the site (although not really "active" in commenting) for years, I still feel like an outsider. Hell, I even built a whole site to try to expand the community out from leagues and I've gotten pretty poor response to that. A couple people were really positive, while it was largely ignored. It's fine, I don't care that much, but it's really hard to imagine the site/community growing with the current attitude that's prevalent among active members. As far as the checking after the whistle-- I don't think it's a big deal, really. I try to dislodge the net after goals personally, but I don't care if people kill my players. If someone asked me not to do it, I wouldn't get pissed at them for it. Such a weird thing to get mad about (on both sides). If he feels like he's being attacked, that's really shitty. I remember playing him before and he was nice to me. I think the language barrier might be a little difficult for all involved, especially when he's trying to ask people why they do something or tell them he doesn't like when they do another. @Pearate - I can only really (barely) read some French, so I can't really form coherent sentences. Hopefully you understand me.
  2. It's not set up right now to do that, but you could do it. The open source version (minus a bunch of the newer stats and a lot of clean up code) is over at bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/wambotron/seahag-open You can DL that and run it wherever you want!
  3. It just takes whatever you upload. If you create users for each team and upload the simmed games, it would keep stats.
  4. It shows all stats from games you've uploaded. So if you've uploaded ONLY SCL games, your stats will reflect that. If a couple people upload exhibitions, they will pollute your data a little bit. To be honest, no one really uses the site, so I don't think you will have any issues with that.
  5. If you're down for some SNES exhis, hit up me or Kero5hin (heatrash). We post our games over at http://nhl94hockey.com but it gets lonely being the only two active people
  6. Yeah, my wife doesn't care that I play either. I think she's just happy that I'm not bugging her for .. other things
  7. Go for it! At this point, I don't have brackets available, but something I've thought of adding is the ability to create a 4, 8, or 16 person tournament bracket creator. For now, you'll have to track the bracket placements yourself, but you can upload games and link to them
  8. Yeah, a lot of people are signed up, but I think leagues generally dominate around here :\
  9. All data from seahag is also on http://nhl94hockey.com -- if you're looking for archived stats from last year and such, they're still saved in the database, but not shown publicly at this point. I'm adding some other features and stats, cleaning some things up, before I add the old games in somewhere. Due to the gigantic number of games played (mostly between keroshin and me), I felt like it would be better to save them and start a season 2 of sorts. If you made an account on seahag, it still exists. All of your data is backed up.
  10. I'm thinking of changing the URL from sea-hag.net to something more hockey related. I'll keep you guys posted. Aside from that, I've added a bunch more stats to team pages, home vs away stats, and such. Even if you don't want to upload on the site, I'd appreciate some feedback on it. Check out my user page at http://nhl94hockey.com/user/crescentfresh , click on the colored bar of which teams I've played to get my stats for a given team only. Or click a team logo to see their stats as played by everyone. Also check out the updated box scores with crowd meter and shots. I've been gradually modifying the look of the site over time, so any feedback on that sort of thing would be welcome as well. I see lots of views on the forum, but no comments and no game uploads. Kind of disappointing to be honest, but there is always time to change that! Thanks in advance, even if you don't want to upload.
  11. Just so you sillies know, I archived the stats from the start until last week. I haven't made them available for viewing at this point, but the data is alllll there waiting. Not that many of you use the site, but yeah. I just added shots averages as well as crowd meter (SNES only at this point), which was not there before. Slightly updated layout. I have some plans to work more on it adding PIM averages as well. I know you guys are league players rather than exhibition players, but I still welcome anyone who wants to come upload stats! http://nhl94hockey.com - wambo
  12. NHL 94 has been here for 20 years, and I don't see it going away any time soon. Focus on your schooling!
  13. You guys can use sea-hag.net to keep your scores+stats for each game if you want I should try to get some SNES-ers to do this too, fun idea.
  14. sea-hag.net ,, keep your stats and watch your numbers improve!
  15. I'm leaving the deadline at the 31st, but so far only 2 people (including me..) have signed up. Remember this is a tourney and not a huge, months-long event. If you want a quick fix against folks, sign up! If we can't get at least 8 people signed up (that is, 6 more), I'm just going to assume there is no interest at all and drop it.
  16. Is it that there will be a classic season now or that people just aren't interested in tourneys? 26 views, 1 sign up. :\
  17. I've been wanting to do this for a while, and since there is no classic coming up, I figured I'd throw a sign up form out there and see if anyone wants to do it. TOURNAMENT RULES SNES-ONLY (sorry gens-ers, start your own!) Single-elimination Top seed gets home ice advantage First through Semi-final rounds will be Best of 3. (@top, @bottom, @top) Finals will be Best of 5 (@top, @top, @bottom, @bottom, @top) Games are recorded on sea-hag.net (winner uploads, loser confirms. This is important!) Update shared tourney spreadsheet with winner/game result link SEEDING Random for each round TEAM Random for each round (at least you don't get stuck with Anaheim for the entire tourney!) SIGN UP My hope is to get at least 8 of us for it and knock it out over a weekend or two. This all depends on how many sign-ups we get (if any).
  18. I'm cool with you not wanting to play online, and if I'm ever in your region, maybe I'll send you a message. For me, online gaming is my only option. My friends don't live nearby, we've all moved from our native towns. The closest friend I have now is about a 2 hour car ride, but it's easier for us to go online and play. We also don't have any of the he-said she-said BS because we've known each other forever. I also don't have room for old systems to lay around, so it's easier for me to load it up on Zsnes. I get where you're coming from with playing strangers, though. It's tough to know when to catch people, or know what you can/cannot say to them to set them off, or know if they're a stand up person, a good sport, whatever. I mean, there's a reason that almost all of my games have been against Kero5hin.
  19. The desyncs definitely happen on gens. Even with a reliable player, I've had it in probably 20% of our gens games. It has happened maybe once in Zsnes. I think the scheduling is the worst part of the leagues. Some people are on all the time, but the vast majority have real world obligations that they can't be away from and you have to schedule around. It's tough. I think that's why I like the exhibs more, even though I always end up playing just one guy (kero5hin).
  20. To be fair, some people have a dedicated aim name for this game, and if they're not in the mood for exhibs with just anyone, they may leave their name signed off. I frequently do this. I have a ton of games against HeatRash/kero5hin, but barely any otherwise. I always come out for the league play, though.
  21. The hot/cold boosts in Snes do seem to be a bit extreme. Like I said, sometimes Lindros is just unstoppable, but then sometimes he can barely move up the ice. I wish I knew how their stats were affected in these situations. Tecmo Super Bowl gives you the player stats as they are during a game. It's really helpful!
  22. Ugh, Lindros!!! Sometimes he gets the hack so ridiculously that you can't do anything but bend over and take it.
  23. http://sea-hag.net/game/9348 I got 12 goals in this one with Janney. Pretty much everything he touched went in and the opposing D wouldn't even bother checking him
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