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  1. Loading her up on my modded OG XBOX. Woo hoo! Sega Genesis on 55" LED w/component video. Gonna be pretty.
  2. Bill, I'm using GenesisMD or gGens (same app) and it's loading up just fine. Galaxy 5s
  3. I think he said in another thread that he's waiting a couple weeks into the season to get a better idea of line combinations. Can't wait myself.
  4. Playing it on my RPi 3 with Lakka. Works great, plays great. Thank you, Naples!
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah! Hell Yeah Naples!
  6. You the man, Skip. Hey, is this editable in NOSE? Marcus Kruger (Blackhawks) changed his number to 22 from 16 when Andrew Ladd joined the team. There's two #16s on the Hawks in the ROM.
  7. Yep, some others include Lakers vs Celtics, Bulls vs Lakers, Bulls vs Blazers, and NBA Showdown. He did not make it to NBA Live 95 and very unfortunately the NBA Jam series.
  8. Now, now, Tecmo Super NBA wasn't a bad one... But the baseball can go straight in the trash with the hockey....
  9. I just lost a 9 overtime game 2-1 where I had 400+ shots on goal. This has to be one of the worst hockey games ever made.
  10. Thanks Koppe, playing it right now.
  11. It does, playing the Genesis version just fine. Might be a DosBox compatibility thing. EDIT!!!!! I changed the config file in Dosbox. Set joystick from " Auto" to "4axis" Working great!
  12. Holy awesomeness!!!!! Hey, great stuff, thanks for sharing this! Does anyone know how to calibrate the joypad properly? I'm using a USB Genesis pad and I can't move down or right. Thanks -PFRD