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  1. In game one Toronto jumped out to an 8-1 lead, but Chicago found their shooting to end 9-5. Toronto survived game 2, 4-3 in OT. Chicago beat up Tor in game 3, 9-2, and Toronto hung on 3-2 in the final game.





  2. Toronto vs Edmonton

    Toronto was so rusty to start, but nearly won game 3, with a 3-2 lead late, but Mac's Edmonton scored 2 goals in the last 60 seconds to steal the win. Toronto built a 5-0 lead in game 4, but Mac foiled my shutout with another 2 late goals in the last minute.

  3. After AIM started getting stacked full of ads in the late 90's or early 2000's, many alternatives came along that used the AIM network. My favorite in the old days was Trillian free. I even got a lifetime Trillian pro account a few years ago. Trillian lets you use different skins and things. I used Trillian during our leagues of the 2000's. This decade I think Trillian is now outdated and crummy like original AIM.

    My favorites now are Pidgin https://pidgin.im/ , and Digsby http://www.digsby.com/

    Like Trillian you can use multiple chats on Pidgin and Digsby (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, FB, ICQ) etc... Digsby has small ads on the chat box, while Pidgin has no ads I re-tried Trillian a few months ago, but too cheesy. I think Pidgin is my favorite, but Digsby is good too.

    What does everyone else use??

  4. There is no "button delay bug" in Kega Fusion, there is simply button/control lag during netplay. This is a fact, not something that is debatable.

    When you host a netplay game, you actually choose how much input lag you want, with the slider, according to your opponents net lag/delay (shown in ms). This is chosen in ms, and this input lag is how Kega Fusion keeps the game play smooth. When you are not playing netplay, that input lag is not there like it is during netplay.

    Gens just skips frames to keep games synced. Sometimes it gets real bad, and you have that strobe-light frame skipping effect that can kill your onlne game and lead to an easy score for your opponent.

    Input lag kills NHL games online, but it works decently with Madden and Bill Walsh football.

  5. You can buy a flash cart to load Genesis roms on, then play it on your Sega Genesis. I got one from totek a few years ago, it only holds a few roms, but the newer one holds about 60 roms I think.


    However, there are 2 other cards (Everdrive MD, Mega Everdrive) that have support for SD cards, which may be a lot easier to work with than the totek flash cart, and you could put tons of roms potentially on a SD card.



    Looking at prices, the totek flash card goes for about 60, the Everdrive MD about 100, and Mega Everdrive about 150.

  6. Mac is right. NHL94 is on the original NHL engine that housed NHL, NHLPA93, and NHL94. These games have good graphics, sound, gameplay and decent frame rate.

    The newer nhl games have horrible choppy low frame rate, turbo boost speed (possibly to disguise the lower FPS), and just overall lack good game play.

    NHL lacks manual goalie, but has simplified fighting, NHLPA93 best graphics and music, but you can score at will, NHL94 has no fighting, but makes up for it with manual goalie.

    With Madden and NHL, a large number of people discover the series only after it has become popular and start with the second(madden92/nhlpa93) or third (madden93/nhl94) installment of the game.

    In the end it comes down to quality game play , and the original NHL trilogy is high quality.

  7. When you log into Tunngle, it gives you an IP address. There are pre-configured public networks for popular multiplayer games, for example Star Wars Battlefront, which I play. When you join a specific network, you are connected to all the people who are in it at that moment. So when I go to "LAN" play on SWBF, it loads all the servers from that network, and I can join and play with others.

    Any person can create their "own" private network on Tunngle, just like Hamachi. Once you join, you can game with that person, and you host and join games using the Tunngle IP address.

    It is overall similar to Hamachi. If you want to know more just go to tunngle.net

    It is a fairly new program, so perhaps it works smoother than it used, as referenced in that thread from last year. I am looking forward to trying some Sega Genesis netplay over it.

  8. If you are going to take the time to play in a league, you should make the time to have a reliable internet connection. At this place you can get up to a 100ft cable, which only costs 9 dollars, or a 50 ft cable for 5 bucks http://www.microbarn.com/products.aspx?rid=164

    All you have to do is plug in a cable when you decide to play your league games. Remember, a good league is only as strong as its least reliable member. So decide what type of league member you want to be.

  9. We have had online leagues in of course (NHL94), NHL, NHLPA93, Madden, Madden92, and Bill Walsh. Many of the leagues are on updated Madden/Bill Walsh roms (like NHL94), not just the vanilla editions. The vanilla/original editions of Madden/NHL/Bill Walsh had sit down leagues in the 90's when they came out, and then the leagues moved online when netplay became an option.

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