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  1. 07roster.zip Sorry! Where you been???.....
  2. http://www.wikifortio.com/912648/07roster.zip
  3. http://www.wikifortio.com/478613/07roster.zip Kiba, I'll try and make one with Nashville & Columbus in the All Star spots.
  4. http://www.wikifortio.com/191674/07roster.zip
  5. ROCKIN' GOOD ROMS !!! Greatest teams is awesome! Nice work. Mad props for the WHL rom. P-town Winterhawks baby,.. yeah!!!
  6. Hello folks, Well here it is. 07 roster updates for NHL95 pc. I had to stop editing because I realized I could just keep going & going. All teams are up to date as of Sept 16, 2007. All stats are from the 06-07 season, except team penalty minutes. Nhlinfo won't let you enter values over 1000. Playoff statistics were not entered. Training camp invitees were not placed on their try-out teams pending making the team. I placed about 100 or so top prospects from past 2 years in the free agent list. These players names, positions & hand are the only correct attributes. Ratings were no
  7. Thanks for the link & nice work Three Stars. It would be cool if we could update the in-game logos. I'd really like to see the skating penguin at least for Pittsburgh being a Penguis fan for 20 years. I should have the rosters done by the weekend. I'm just finishing a few teams stats and cleaning up free agents now. Keep updating...good luck
  8. Thanks for the replies. Three stars, can you possibly send me those attachment bins to me personally I can't seem to download from the board here. Logged in or not.. It's quite maddening Yeah, I saw the stats.zip program in there but didn't know how or wasn't sure how to use it. No documentation. Anyway, I'm just about half way done with updating all players stats based on 06-07 season. So, I figure I'll just wrap it up here in the next week or so. I know we are kind of limited in the things that can be updated in the game. I couldn't even begin to know how or if you could change the jer
  9. I have. Updated rosters for NHL95pc as of today's date. I'm currently play testing & adding statistics for all players from 06-07 season. I posted about this in '95 forum. It would REALLY be great to have someone update some of the jerseys as I am not familiar with graphics editing. In any event the rosters & stats will be ready for full season action in coming weeks.
  10. Hello 95 fans, I have been making an updated roster for the upcoming '07 NHL season. I'm just about done with it. All teams are current as of today. It will have 28 teams. Minnesota & one other expansion team (Atlanta, Nashville or Columbus) are in the All-star slots. I've set the attributes of all the players & goalies a little higher than average to compensate for '95's slower pace. I think this lends itself to a quicker styled game (slapshots more realistic) kinda like NHL94. I'm now thinking of updating the season statistics for all the players based on '06-'07 NHL stats. I'm gi
  11. Hey! I need some help Can anyone tell me why even though I'm logged in I can't download this file. I keep getting the board error message.
  12. Is there a way to save your games on the genesis emulator? If there is I can't seem to quite figure it out. Is it "save state"? If there is way can someone please tell me how you go about it. I don't think I could play 20+ games straight for a playoff series as great as this game is.
  13. yirmiahu

    nhl 95 site

    Anyone know what's up with the NHL 95 site? I recently got this for the PC but have not been able to get into the site.