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  1. I'm going to make one more version like these for NHL '91.

    Then I'm going to get my ideas together for what I want to include in the next round.

    The first task will be to figure out how to attract the rosters and attributes from the ROM.


    I hope you have fun with your season. (I simmed a quick 20 games per team season for testing...friggin' Roenick :lol:)

    NHLPA '93 Test League

    How goes it?

    Greta season league. How did you set up your season site? PHP obviously - care to share the script or whatever it uses.

  2. And I was all like: "Reeeeejected, no play for Mr. Gray!"


    Oh Clocker I love your sense of humour. That looks like the goal I have on my site. The play of the month only mine was from in tighter.