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  1. I haven't played for awhile and don't know if I need to be confirmed but I would like to get in some games. add me on aim BABD88888888
  2. when is the next league start. I would love to get back into this.
  3. I can't log in...... When I try it says failed to connect to Hamachi server. Would you like Hamachi to automatically monitor server availab ilty and establish a connection as soon as it becomes possible. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Chaos, Any way I can still get LA? in Gens C league. Let me know thanks
  5. I am in the Gens-C league and need to get 18 games in to finish the season. I took over for another player. You can AIM me anytime.... BABD88888888
  6. I am Quebec, I believe we have a few games to play.... AIM me BABD88888888, when you can play. THanks
  7. I need a test game to get started. Can anyone help me out? YOu can AIM me BABD88888888
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