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  1. nice work for sure...anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes highlights package is perfect for people to watch. And the 'almosts' is always a good way to mix it up instead of showing only goals. first question: roughly how long does it take for you to put those together? second question: do you edit the highlights for sportscentre as well?
  2. I know...lol..I was just having fun as well.
  3. The guy hasn't lost in 7 years he said...maybe he's got some type of amnesia from the car accident or maybe he only played against the computer?
  4. I enjoyed watching some game highlights that was posted yesterday of a game played between hartford/buffalo. Perhaps a suggestion to Evan of adding a sub forum entitled 'videos'. Allowing members to post links for games they have recorded. In the meantime, anyone who would like to post links to some of their nhl94 videos can do so. Thanks.
  5. With a record of 25-4 (as i type this) with Hartford of all teams? I wonder what KGman's record would be with a good team. 29-0? That being said....anything can happen in the play-offs...just ask the '91 blackhawks...finished atop the NHL with 106 points..and lost to minnesota(68 points) in 6 games. With 10 or 20 minute periods..the better player will almost always win but 5 minute periods make it easier for upsets to happen in this game. And as matt hurray said...'This league is strictly about matchups'...some people play better against certain guys and not as good against others. It seems like most of you guys have a blast playing online...so I plan on trying to get those emulators and whatever going on my mac...(I'm new to all this so it'll take a while to figure it out but hopefully I can play in the spring league)
  6. I'll fly from the east coast for a tournament. SNES? Genesis?
  7. Count me in! I'll drive to chicago. 2000km (1200 miles) from halifax