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  1. Watching Zdeno Chara and Alexander Ovechkin in a KHL game on ESPN2 ... It's not the NHL but at least it's live hockey !!

  2. UFC 152 Prelims on FX

  3. Okay great, I'll shoot you a message after the Flyers/Devils game tonight.
  4. Hello all, I am set up and ready to play a test game. I would also like to join GEN-A or GEN-B season. Please let me know what I need to go next. Hamachi is set. AIM is bonose7en.
  5. I'm new to NHL94 online and looking to join a league. I requested to join GENS B, but would gladly coach an A team. I need to play a test game first. Does anyone want to play me in a test game ?
  6. That is pretty cool looking at them next to each other !!

  7. This worked !! Thank you smozoma, much appreciated !!
  8. Thank you, I have tried those Player Card codes via Tile Molester. When I try any of the codes it takes me to the Player Cards of NHL94. I am trying to search the new Player Cards in NHL12 Playoff Edition via Tile Molester. When I Navigate > Go To > 000D71A4 (000D71AE) it shows Mark Messier when I would think it should show me the image of one of the current Ranger players. Is that not the case?
  9. Playoff edition is awesome !! Does anyone know where the Player Card's are stored/located if we wanted to replace a player on this version. (i.e. if Messier is located at 000D71AE on the original NHL94.bin, where would Brad Richards and the other current player cards be on the NHL94-12 Playoff bin).
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