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  1. the former believing that Sega’s new console would be an ideal platform for its games, since the 16-bit 68000 processor contained within was the same as its programmers had used on several home computers. This meant that it would be a simple task for Electronic Arts to port its PC games,

    so the code is in NHL Hockey and NHL 95 for PC



    maybe its time we quit fu cking around with roms, and take a serious look at the PC version

  2. soo.... mr. documentary should be asking the programmers not how cool the game is, but how we can re-enable fighting, and then we just borrow the animations from 93... and put them somewhere else

    actually fu ck that, 95 for PC is a way better platform to create the ultimate hockey game...

    anything for computer can be reverse enginered =P

  3. my NHL94 experience goes like this....

    (back in the days before cell phones and internet)

    high school 199x...

    there was a payphone right across the hall from the gym, the class i was supposed to be in... instead i called EA sports to talk to customer service about the new features of NHL94, after 40+ minutes on hold, i get to talk to a guy...

    (i used to know the EA number by heart)

    ME: so tell me about the new NHL game

    CSRep: well its got blah blah blah, and some new checking animations

    ME: what about the fighting?

    CSRep: There is no fighting.

    ME: what do you mean theres no fighting?

    SCRep: something, something the nhl wanted it remove...

    ME: and you think anyones going to buy that crap?


    muthafucker hung up on me!

    so i go back across the hall to gym class 50 minutes late...

    Gym Teacher: HEY! where we're you?

    ME: on the phone....

    Gym Teacher: well heres a pink slip, go tell the principle why you were 50 min later for gym class.

    knowing me, i probably threw away the pink slip and walked around til the next class

  4. i see, you only have 0 - F to work with...

    57 and lower dont fight?!

    i dont think ive ever noticed...

    make a team of all 57 42 28 14 and see what happens =)

    all i ever REALLY wanted was, fighting after the whistle like in 92...

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