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    can some one send me the latest ahl rom?

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  1. just wondering if anybody has made or is maing an ahl 207-2008 rom of gens... i really like the ahl and really would like to play a new one...
  2. the 2007-2008 season is coming up preety soon, and i think rosters are finished....... has anyone begun making a new rom for this game? i woulde be very interested in new about it thanks, kyler
  3. this stuff in insanley hard.. i have no expeirence as how to do all this stuff.
  4. hey, i had the same struggle when i first started.. not many ppl just go in a lobby and wait for people. you gota set it up ahead of time on here.. or on aim. message one of the people to play you. give me a click if u need a game.
  5. mack this is funny because i just started today 2007 playoffs rom. i am about 40% done. but i think i leave the rest up to you. lol
  6. alright i made a rom for my hockey league called "WAHA" hockey.. i made the rom put the teams in and all tht... i just need SOMEONE ANYONE to help me fix the startup banners for me and the title screen i also would like for ONE TEAM to have one logo. the team is called "SHAW" this person who helps can put in there tht they help create this since IM DOING THIS FOR A TEAM GIFT!!! PLEASE PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME WITH IT IM TERRIBLE WITH HEX AND TILE MOLESTER THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO HELPS ME WITH THIS!!! here is the rom and ONE logo i would like for the start up startup.. the WAHA STATE TOURNAMENT LOGO... and the timberwolves logo for the center ice for SHAW and the team pic for the title screen WAHA_HOCKEY_2006_with_logos.bin
  7. IM NOT A NOOB.. but im just wondering how this whole thing got started.. how some just decided one day figure out amazingly how to connect a sega gen. and play thousands of games on here. how the heck to you just figure out.. and also get the games on here... ALSO! how was the whole online gaming thing created.. idk how u do it, but it just amzes me how people did it
  8. how come when i go the site theres tht thing flashing, but i cant get to the actual site? mack srry for bitching before man.... you are a great re creator for this game and i apreciate what you do here.. thx for your efforts.
  9. that site always seems to be closed. its never open. and mack im sorry no offense, but you have alot of excues.
  10. you can find this rom at. www.dohgames.com. then go to roms, then go to genisis, then go to letter "N" and scrool down and there it is.
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