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  1. When it comes to the penalty shots, there are two fairly major bugs in the SNES version. (Can't wait to see how trudatman spins them into features!) Anyways, here they are:

    1. When a player is hit or hooked on a breakaway and earns a penalty shot, but then takes a penalty himself (most commonly for brushing up against the goalie and getting an interference penalty, which is WAY too touchy and common in the SNES version) then that player who earned the penalty shot is sent to the box. Another player comes out to take the penalty shot. Then, as soon as the new player is ready to take the penalty shot, the puck zips over to the right side of the screen, like the puck is a magnet apparently attracted to the guy in the box. The puck can not be played and after a short while the whistle blows and the penalty shot is wasted.

    2. When playing a game with penalties off, the refs still call penalty shots. No other penalties occur, but apparently they forgot that penalty shots result from penalties, which were supposed to be turned off.

    To be fair, the SNES version does do a good thing with the short pause before the penalty shot starts. Any experienced Genesis player has probably had a penalty shot sneak up on him and wasted the opportunity by hitting B prematurely expecting the face-off. The result is accidentally having your player pass the puck down towards the goalie harmlessly. The small pause in the SNES version is great because the buttons don't do anything as it announces the penalty shot, says who will be taking the shot and for what penalty which gives both sides a chance to be ready. No hitting B on accident and wasting the chance.

    1. I've never seen this :o But my SNES NHL 94 career is extremely short, this glitch is yet to come :)

    Happened to me many times on Genesis that a penalty taker had two opportunities to score. After his first shot attempt (when the penalty shot should be over) he had another one, referee totally ignored the puck crossed the goal line/the goalie touched the puck.

    2. Posted today in some other thread - for me its a big plus, I like it. Its an infraction just like an icing and thats why it is called even when penalties are off. In soccer video games there are still free kicks or penalties when the cards are off.

  2. There are some cons though:

    1. It can be abused by a coach (using this to avoid confusion, coach=human player, players=players in the game) who shoots the puck from his half and wants to avoid icing and face off in his def. zone so he hits the goalie (because the interference is still called and the game is moved to the neutral zone).


    a) the interference is not always called after the player hits the goalie so its a risk for him to hit the goalie instead of chasing the puck;

    b ) when the player is so close to the goal line the coach probably will go after the puck with the player, instead of trying hitting the goalie, and keep his players in the attacking zone;

    c) sometimes it's a delayed penalty and it looks weird when the goalie leaves his net and then no penalty is called, this happens rarely though, most of the interference pens are called when the goalie controls the puck or a player controlling the puck hits the goalie and the ref stops the game immediately.

    After playing some games with interference off I will never play the original version again, this is much much better imo :)

  3. One thing that Gens has over SNES is the goddamn press Y and instantly get up (and hook your opponent) from a check thing. I absolutely HATE that glitch in SNES, it's maddening to lay a guy out with a nice hit only to have him instantly levitate, hook you, and you lose the puck. I can't believe the programmers let the glitch make it into the final version. If you're not familiar with it then you probably haven't played much online since literally every player does it, you're pretty much at a disadvantage if you don't do it.

    Also the goalie interference penalties are out of control in SNES, and can be complete BS when the opposing goalie leaves the crease to check you and you end up with a penalty.

    All that being said, SNES > GENS easy, but keep in mind this is coming from an extremely biased SNES 94 player who's been playing it since the day it came out. Gens just has too much of an arcade vibe and the skating/passing is so much more "loose" feeling as opposed to the tight SNES controls. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter though, it's just awesome that so many people still play each version and that we're all part of such a great community.

    The get up bug is a huge bug, I dont use it when playing against the computer but it must be frustrating when playing against a human opponent who is skilled with this and you refuse to do it (or do not know how to do it properly). An agreement or banning this in competitions might be the solution. On the other hand, some people really like it and enjoy it so its a matter of taste. It makes some people happy at least :)

    Interference penalties can be changed from 2 mins to zero. I already posted info about this in some thread, I would like to know other SNES players' opinion about this. Seems like no one cares and when I found this I felt like an inventor of the wheel :D

    100% agreed on both points. The other major glitch that I hate in SNES is when penalties are turned off (like in Puck Dynasty) and they still call penalty shots. That's super annoying and makes no sense at all.

    I like that penalty shots are called with penalites turned off. It's like turning off yellow/red cards in a football (soccer) video games. Cards are disabled but free kicks and penalty kicks are still a part of the game.

    Icing is an infraction too and it is called when penalties are off.

    For me its +.

  4. no and no.

    I use DarWine on my Mac 10.4.11. I use TileLayerPro to edit graphics. you could open both mine and the original to add graphics back. you'd match up the spot that the icons are in. you'd use the + and - keys near the P on the keyboard to line the images up. each one must be done separately. it's not too tough.

    Sure, I know that another utility is used to edit graphics and not the statto's editor. The point is in importing/extracting data. If statto's editor extracts only the palyers/teams/menu/playoffs data and then importing them to the rom, should be possible (or not) to extract the data from your rom and then import them to the original rom. Or vice versa, extract the data from original ROM and import them to your rom.

    With data I mean everything that is editable in the statto's editor, not all the game's data.

  5. Two questions regarding the indicators and graphics in general. My main PC with Windows is kaputt now and I got only notebook with Linux here so I cant try it myself, stattos editor doesnt work in WINE (Linux application to run Windows applications) for me.


    If you have problems with having no indicators at all and you want to play trudatman's rom with the indicators in it, does this way to put them back work?

    Can someone try please, it takes only few secs.

    1. Put the original NHL 94 rom and trudatman's rom in the folder with the editor executable file.

    2. Open the smc file (trudatman's rom) in the editor.

    2. Now save it - overwrite the original NHL 94 rom.

    If the emulator imports/exports only the players/team/playoffs/menu settings data and not the graphics, you should have the original NHL 94 rom with unchanged graphics but with all the data from trudatman.


    Dont you think removing the star indicators make the players turning faster? Or its just the placebo effect?

  6. I want ultimate control in a hockey video game and SNES NHL'94 is great.

    Exactly my opinion.

    Sorry for bumping this old thread. I had the same opinion like most of you here (this game is bad, too fast) but after trying the PAL version (slower than NTSC version) I changed my mind. Its not bad at all. Its almost like NHL 94 from different camera view. Its got full season, one-timers are more difficult to perform - the timing must be accurate and overall its pretty good. But it must be SNES PAL and not SNES NTSC, its unplayable them. Give it another try, maybe you start liking it.

  7. The SNES versions of NHL96-98 does not even work good offline. Freezes. And desyncs online.

    Maybe I've used a bad rom version or something. I don't know.

    Its an emulator issue, these games work perfectly with other SNES emulators.

  8. Download the player list from the bottom of the Blitz downloads page.

    Go to the second page, "Formulas," and change the black numbers to be the same as the greyed-out default numbers beside them.

    I think, but I'm not sure, that the player rating in SNES 94 is probably the same as in Gens 94. You just need to translate to the 0-6 scale. So 85 is a 5 probably.. etc...

    You won't want to write out all the players, of course, but you could make some template players, like all 4s, all 5s, etc.

    I found the thread and the Gens formula is different to my research I think. Question is if my research is not a complete BS biggrin.png

    there can be many different playoff setups.

    Yes, of course. Its my language mistake :-)

    "There can be only one line in the playoffs" should be there I think.

    There can be 32 playoffs setups (not sure now), but when only one is filled, it works.

  9. Open source is great. There were some things I would have liked to add to NOSE...

    We have the overall rating scheme for Genesis, and I'm guessing on SNES it's pretty much the same. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, anyway.

    If I only read this before I started with the nonsense described above :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Never mind.

    +If you want to get free bytes for adding more players on the team, you can get them by using initials. For instance B._Ranford instead of Bill Ranford and so on. The game works, no freezing or crashing during the game, in the menus, anywhere, its 100% perfect. When you use only one word in players names (Vanbiesbrouck), the game freezes.

    +When adding GK on the team, he will get the portrait of the player who is originally as first non goalie player on the team.


    Vernon Vernon's portrait

    Suter Suter's portrait

    MacInnis MacInnis' portrait

    Roberts Robert's portrait

    After adding a goalie:

    Vernon Vernon's portrait

    NewGoalie Suter's portrait

    Suter MacInnis' portrait

    MacInnis Robert's portrait

    Roberts Nieuwendyk's portrait

    Do not add goalkeepers on the team if you want to avoid this and do not know how to change the players portraits.

    +The starting goalie is always the goalie who is the first player on the team's roseter, no matter who is set as a number 1 goalie in Lines editor.

    +Do not add players on the team if you really do not plan to add anyone. After removing a player there will be one more player in Players cards with no name (just number and empty space or semi-colon). This player is not on the roster and the game doesnt crash or freeze when you get to him when checking players cards. But it looks weird so do not remove players if you have no serious reason for that. This cant be solved by adding a player after removing, this no name player's card will be there always when you remove a player in the editor.

    +There can be only one line in the playoffs. No need to fill all the lines with same play off setups.

    +When the playoffs are set like this in the editor

    1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

    the playoffs in the game goes like this









    Team 8 is in all conference matches as a home team (Playoff mode) or has home advantage in games 1, 2, 5 and 7 (Best of 7), team 1 is always playing away (Playoff mode) or is an away team in games 1, 2, 5 and 7 (Best of 7).

    There is no reseeding when the round is finished. Just like in Olympics or World Championships. Winner of the 7-8 match will always be playing against winner of the 5-6 match in the next round.

  10. Great editor, thanks for it statto!

    I have done some research with it and here are the outcoming data:

    Useful info:

    1. Goalkeepers

    1. ENDurance is not endurance for goalkeepers (goalies' endurance is completely missing in the game), it is STICK RIGHT. You can check it yourself by changing this value in editor to 100 and then check STICK RIGHT skill in the game. So keep this in mind when editing goalkeepers skills.

    2. All goalies have Stick Handling, Checking and Shot Accuracy set to 25, these skills are completely missing in the game and when changed to higher values the game works with no problem and goalkeepers overall ratings are not affected.

    3. Offensive Awareness - again not listed in the game and does not affect overall rating* but originally it is set to higher values than 25. Some goalies are rated 100 (Belfour, Joseph, Potvin), some 85 (Fuhr, Hasek, Blue, Vanbiesbrouck, Stauber, Barrasso, Soderstrom, Essensa, Whitmore), rest 65 or less.

    *Does not affect overall rating when it is set to 100 separately, it might affect overall rating when it is set to higher value with other skills, read the paragraph 3. Goalkeepers overall rating for more (confusing) information.

    Not very useful info:

    2. Players' overall rating

    Aggression and ?????? (or weight or L/R) have no influence on overall rating (when set to higher values separately, read paragraph 3).

    ?????? is passing-shooting bias probably, I read it somewhere on this forum and after playing couple of matches against teams with all players set this skill to 25 and then couple of matches against teams with all players set to 100 I can confirm that. Btw, the higher this ?????? value is, the more difficult the the game is, you have less time to steal the puck.

    Rest of the skills can be divided into four groups:

    1. Endurance, Passing Accuracy and Shooting Power - affect overall rating very little

    2. Shooting Accuracy - affects overall rating little

    3. Agility, Defensive Awareness and Checking - affect overall rating much

    4. Speed, Offensive Awareness and Stick Handling - affect overall rating very much

    I did following tests with defensemen and forwards in two different lines (always for two defensemen and two forwards, third forward was unchanged) at least three times for each skill to get statiscally most accurate results.

    First I set up all the skills to 25. All players in the game had overall rating 25 after that. Other skills were 25 or higher, depended on hot/cold streaks/randomness, overall rating was always 25, never higher.

    Then I set one (only one) of the skills to 100 to see what happened with the overall rating.

    1. After changing endurance or passing accuracy or shooting power to 100, overall rating was 2-3 points higher (27-28).

    2. After changing shooting accuracy to 100, overall went 4-6 points higher (29-31).

    3. 100 in agility or in def awareness or in checking made overall rating 6-7 (31-32) points higher, rarely 5 (30).

    4. 100 in speed or in off awareness or in stick handling - overall was 6-9 points higher (31-34), rarely 10 points higher (35).

    When I set up two skills from group 4 to 100, overall rating went up by 16 to 20 points (8-10 pts per skill) to 41-45 , when I set up three skills from that group to 100, overall rating went up by 24-40 points (8-10 pts per skill) to 49-65.

    Then I did the same procedure with all skills set to 55. Overall rating varied from 58-62. There is a slight progression, compare overall rating when all values are set to 25.

    1. END or PAS ACC or SHO POW set to 100; overall rating = 7-8 points, rarely 9, higher than 55 = 62-63 (64)

    Two skills set to 100 = adds 3-4 pts more to overall rating (62 to 64 + 3 to 4)

    Three skills set to 100 = adds 3-4 pts more to overall rating (62 to 64 + 3 to 4)+3 to 4

    I hope you are not lost here :-D In words, when more than one skill from this group is set to 100 the overall rating is only 3 to 4 pts higher, there is a degression.

    2. SHO ACC set to 100; overall rating = 10-11 points higher than 55 = 65-66

    3. AGI or DEF AWA or CHE set to 100; overall rating = 11-13 pts higher than 55 = 66-68

    4. SPE or OFF AWA or STI HAN set to 100; overall rating = 14-15 pts higher than 55 = 69-70

    Two skills set to 100 = adds 8-9 pts more to overall rating (69 to 70 + 8 to 9)

    Three skills set to 100 = adds 8-9 pts more to overall rating (69 to 70 + 8 to 9)+8 to 9

    When all skills are set to 65, overall rating is 77-82, when all skills are set to 85, overall rating is 100.

    3. Goalkeepers overall rating

    This was much easier than players ratings but it is much more confusing.

    When all these skills -


    are set to 25, overall is 25.

    When any of these skills (group 1)


    is set separately to 100, overall rating is still 25. It looks like they do not affect overall rating but its not true.

    When any of these skills (group 2)


    is set separately to 100, overall goes to 38 to 40. When two of them are set to 100, overall goes to 51 to 55. When all of them are set to 100, overall goes to 74 to 80.

    The skills from the first group do not affect overall rating separately but they definitely affect overall rating when more of them are changed from 25 to higher values because goalkeepers can be valued more than just 80 points which is maximum when all three skills from group 2 are set to 100.

    All skils set to 55 --> overall is 50-55

    All skills set to 65 --> overall is 65-70

    All skills set to 85 --> overall is 85-9x


    No overall formula found.

    NHL 94 calculates overall formula in a mathematically perverted way.

    I completely wasted one afternoon :lol:

    More info in my next post.

  11. I'm ten or so miles outside of Nederland, nice to see a fellow Colorado dweller although I'm an Alaskan at heart.

    I just noticed there's no penalties as well, that makes things interesting. I'm ok with no BS interference penalties.

    Did you try this?

  12. Thank you for your kind words.

    I am going to post another post in statto's editor thread, you will like some info there I think. I do this to understand the game as much as possible, I do not want to be bothered by anything unexpected when my roms will be finished.

    Btw, we NHL94ers are very lucky even we cant edit the game like Genesis people can. When trying to edit Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour (imo the best tennis game ever) I found it was completely compressed, there were no players names, no tournament names, nothing to edit, just some graphics. Some SNES games are hard nuts to crack.

    With roster expansion you mean more players on the team? Rosters can be expanded by naming players in this format: J. Jagr, B. Ranford. Not using full first name. The game crashes when you use only players surname, but with initials it works perfectly in the main menu, in all the game-menus, in the game itself (everything already tested). You get some extra bytes and you can add more players.

    I will use this in my roms because it is faster to type, historical rosters are available usually with initials and not full names, surnames will be always full no matter how long the both names are (Vanbiesbrouck knows what I am talking about) and there are more free bytes available for adding more players then.

    I found you and Stefan on (I am not a member there yet), if the problem with graphics/logo in NHL94 wont be solved here, I want to offer money there to anyone who makes decruncher/cruncher of NHL 94 graphics. If there are more SNES NHL 94 enthusiasts here who are willing to pay we can motivate someone so much he will make it for us. Let's say there are eight people who are willing to pay 70 USD each, its 560 USD, thats not bad for a weekend work. I dont think it will take more days for experienced coder who is familiar with SNES to decrunch the graphics. Decrunchers are usually based on the same or very similar routine, its usually only a question of finding it. Would like to know what other SNESers think about this.

    Edit: Not only graphics decruncher would come handy but decruncher of the rest too. We would get the code and rewriting the game's behaviour would be possible. I do not know what SNES language look like but it should be basically the same like all programming languages. And much more things in the game might be changed with such decruncher. Repeated OT in regular seasons game until the goal is scored, turning off icing, interference and many more.

  13. Thank you everybody.

    I definitely plan to play online but not earlier than in April, I am busy with the real life now and have problems with my main PC, I am using old slow notebook these days.

    Is possible for European people to play games versus guys in US/Canada? Isnt the game too laggy?

  14. I'm not sure I will, but I would very much like it if you gave some thought to improving my ROM updates. it would be nice if you'd keep experimenting with what's possible with the game and then come up with a list of what you can/would do.

    This weekend I am going to experiment with values behind the players names to find out how to change the portraits and the same I am going to do with values behind the clubs names. But I have completely no idea with more difficult stuff. What I am doing is just rewriting the values near the text and testing the behaviour of the game. I would like to find the way how to disable or at least swap the ice logos because I want to make many ROM updates - Olympic games, World Championships, Canada Cups/World Cups.

    That's all I can do, without help from guys who understand this hex stuff (smozoma and few others) I am completely lost like anyone else here :(

    Would be awesome if someone finds the way how to decompress/compress the graphics in the ROM. Logos, portraits and the ice rink are compressed and no changes can be made. Just imagine playing the Olympic games ROM with olympic symbols on the ice B) Or with Colorado/Phoenix/Carolina/Nashville/Atlanta/Minnesota/Columbus logos. Yummy.

    I already tried your ROM, I think it was 2012-1013 edition and it gave me inspiration in editing graphics. I do not like the players indicators either. In my roms I plan to keep at least two (for player 2 and player 4 for instance) for people who like them or people who want to play 2 humans vs 2 humans matches, indicators are needed to avoid complete mess. And want to keep numbers/positions completely.

    The only thing I would change in your rom is already mentioned 5 mins penalty (to 4 mins) by rewriting 05 to 04 and the delay by rewriting 28 back to 0A.

    Anyone figure how to have the extra attacker on the ice the whole time, including having the goalie on ice too? Basically 7on7.

    Another question is about "icing". Anyway to disable it?

    I would like to know this too to disable interference completely but have no idea how to do that.

    I rewrited all the values which can be associated with interference (in HexEd: ALL THE VALUES HERE Interference ALL THE VALUES HERE) to 00 to see what happened and the refs still called the interference. The game went crazy, glitches etc, but this showed the penalties situations (when to call interference, what has to happen in the game) themselves are stored somewhere else in the ROM. The values I was experimenting with are the values telling the game what to do when the interference is already called. For disabling anything we have to know what values are associated with penalties, icings, off sides. That is something beyond my skills, I do not understand this 08 AC BE 00 nonsense at all :D

  15. I am a Linux user (use Windows rarely) and tested playing with ZSNES online with a guy using Windows 8 (or 7) and it worked well. It doesnt play any role what OS you are using.

    We did not use Hamachi that is mandatory here it seems for both SNES and GENS online playing. That is a huge problem because with Linux it is a pain in the a.. to get conneceted.

    Someone's got same problem here:

    that I had when trying to use Hamachi or various Hamachi clients for Linux. I read many forums and this probably has no solution. Even the tech gurus have problems with this. The only solution for Linux users is to not use Hamachi and connect directly to your opponent. Which is better than using Hamachi, the less middlemans the better. But some people do not want to struggle with port forwarding or just do not know how to do that and have to use Hamachi so you have to use it as well.

  16. It was NHL 06 having NHL 94 in it, and with no original rosters, yes.

    From wiki:

    The developers of the game placed a surprise in the PlayStation 2 version; playing NHL 94
    is an option, and it appears the same as it did when it was originally
    released, including the appearance of the since-relocated Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers, and Quebec Nordiques.[1] The game did not feature the original rosters.

    I skipped NHL 06 so I missed NHL 94 again :lol:

  17. If Nedvěd was not good enough for international level, he wouldnt be on the team. He will be used more for his leadership skills, he is 43 (isn't he old? :lol:) so don't expect him to play like in his prime but he is still pretty good, his wrist shots are amazing and his skating is great, no matter his age.

    Here are few goals from 2013 and 2014 seasons I found.

  18. Thanks guys for your warm welcome!

    Welcome! I've never owned an SNES before either haha. Actually, I've never even played NHL 94 on a real SNES before. Glad you'll be playing SNES, but just because Genesis is a little inferior doesn't mean you have to write it off completely. I really enjoy playing both versions. But that's just me :)

    When playing Genesis version I feel like I am cheating myself :D

    Seriously, I like both versions, just SNES one I like a bit more and enjoying it more. It is more hockeyish for me. Maybe it has something to do with my habits from NHL 07-09 as these games are more similar to SNES version - hitting opponents very often, accurate passing, scoring not so often, players turning quickly and not like "underpowered hovercraft" (©smozoma) - than Genesis one I think.

  19. Was trying to change period length yesterday (to 7,5 minutes = 3 real time minutes) and it is pretty easy but before I figured it out I was struggling with it for almost ten minutes :-/ So here is the short tutorial how to find the location where the values are located, I hope some complete newbie will appreciate it.

    In HexEd search for B004 (not 04B0 like I did) in Hex-values, press OK. Press F3 many times (around 30) until the dialog menu with Can't find B004 appears. Press Enter/OK, then hold SHIFT and press F3 two times. There are 2C 01 58 02 B0 04 values next to each other and you can follow smozoma's instructions which helped me a lot, thanks smozoma!

  20. I've been experimenting in this and I don't think it's possible to change penalty minutes to 1 min. It really goes wacky after that - graphical glitches, weird behaviour and the game just stops (not freezes) and does not do anything. There is no delay like in trudatman's rom, the game simply refuses to go on, ref never drops the puck again.

    But it works perfectly with 3, 4, 5 or 6 minutes (I have not tried it with 7 mins or more) and even works perfectly with 0 minutes which can be used very effectively with one of NHL 94 SNES bugs - interference (it is not considered as a bug by NHL 94 community I think but for me it is a huge bug and it pi..ed me off many times, now it's history).

    First, it is not needed to change the second value c4outlaws is referring to (04, 28). Quite the contrary, it should not be changed because changed values cause the ~10 seconds delay in trudatman's rom. The only value that has something to do with the amount of time is the first value (02 04, 02 28, 02 0A etc).

    I'll explain in example.

    There is this line in HexEd:

    FF FE 02 04 0E 00 Interference

    When I changed 02 to 00, interference is called but no player will take a penalty. The ref blows the whistle and the game continue with a face off in the neutral zone.

    When 04 is changed to 28 (like trudatman did), there is delay between the whistle blow and a face off (no matter if the first vaule is changed from 02 to 00/04/05 or unchanged).

    Btw, trudatman, 5 mins penalty does not end when the goal is scored in the real hockey (at least here in Europe according to IIHF rules), maybe you should change it to 4 mins (2+2), this penalty ends when the goal is scored. Your rom would be more realistic then as the penalty always ends in NHL 94 after the goal is scored. It's your rom, do whatever you want to, this is just a suggestion, no mentoring intended ;-)

    As I already mentioned, the game works with no problem when the first value is changed to 03, 04, 05 or 06 and probably will work with higher values. Needed to say I was altering and testing only interference and both roughing but there is probably no reason to think the game would behave differently with other penalties (slashing, tripping etc) changed.

    I was really happy when found that the game worked perfectly with zero penalty minutes for interference, I implemented it immediately. Unfortunately there is a small graphical glitch in the referee graphics in the top left corner but it lasts only for a second and doesnt not influent the game at all. Try and you will see what I am talking about. I definitely recommend this to every SNES player, no more undeliberate interference now. I just rewrote Interference to NetDisplaced (can't be longer) to make it more realistic. Would be perfect to turn interference off completely but afaik it is not possible or noone knows how to do it but this 02-->00 solution is imo pretty good.

    There are two roughing penalties in the game, one is for roughing with no injury and one for roughing with causing an injury to an opponent's player.

    In hex editor (bolded where different):

    FF FE 02 0A 0A 00 Roughing = roughing with an injury (change 02 to 03/04/05 etc if you want more penalty minutes)

    FF FE 02 04 0A 00 Rouging = classic roughing

  21. Hi everybody.

    Been reading this forum for more than six months as an unactive member, before starting posting in other threads I think it's the right time now to introduce myself here.

    My journey to NHL 94 is very different to most of you I guess. I played NHL 94 for SNES or Genesis in July 2013 for the first time and have been playing it on a regular basis since then. I grew up with ZX Spectrum computer in 80s and then switched to Commodore Amiga in 90s, unfortunatelly there were no quality ice hockey games so I was very jealous when NHL Hockey was released for PC in 1993.

    I purchased PC in 1997 and NHL 97 was the first game I bought for this system and spent many days playing this one. Year after I bought NHL 98, then NHL 99, had a break from gaming for five years and in 2004 I became interested in games again.

    During winter 2004 I went back to NHL games I'd played in the past (97-99) and tried ones released between 1999 and 2004 but did not enjoy playing them so I tried NHL Hockey (the original one) for PC and was very disappointed with it too. I still think this game is overrated, its not imo nearly as good as its Genesis and SNES counterparts. So no ice hockey game I really enjoyed and wanted to play every day for weeks and months was available to that date. Yes, I am very picky about video games and especially about sports video games.

    I probably thought SNES or Genesis version of NHL 94 is not very differrent to the PC version so I did not give them a try at all. My fault.

    Finally, the first ice hockey computer/console game I really enjoyed was NHL 07 for PS2. I played it with my uni's friend on one friday evening around xmas time in 2006 and on the very next day I went to the store and bought PS2 console and NHL 07 :-D I was hooked, this game was fast like ice hockey games should be and I had a feeling I had full control over my players and about passing, in previous versions something always went wrong. Of course I bought NHL 08 and NHL 09 in upcoming years and both played very often then.

    During the last year's summer I was going through my collections of ROMs for various 8-bit and 16-bit consoles and tried NHL 94 on both Genesis and SNES. These games, especially the SNES version, blew me away. The playability and gameplay were great and I spent next few days playing both of them for several hours a day, as well as previous (NHLPA) or later (95-98) NHL games too. For various reasons, which I do not want to post here to avoid flame or endless discussions about which version of NHL 94 is better, I chose the SNES version as the one I would play exclusively in the future.

    Surprisingly SNES is probably the only console from all those well-known consoles and computers (PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, Xbox, Amiga, PC, Genesis and many others) I've never owned :-) I've been huge ice hoceky fan for thirty years, am retro-gaming enthusiast (own ten different gaming/computing systems and other four I owned in the past) and played probably the best ice hockey video game (released in 1993) in 2013 for the first time! That is something beyond my understanding :-) Better later than never.

    Cheers, DJ