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  1. It's not specifically SNES, but we all started with Blades of Steel and 'Ice Hockey' right? An 'Ice Hockey' team of all skinny guys? Blades of Steel -'it's a pass!' Anywho, if you're into retro gaming like myself, you'd most likely dig this t-shirt design - check it out: https://www.threadless.com/designs/vintage-nes-hipster
  2. Gents! Hope everything is awesome. I'm taking a stab at the Ottawa Senators for season 4 of our inter-office NHL94 League. If anyone has experience playing as this ragtag gaggle of Junior B bench warmers and jersey fillers and has any hints or tips, please let me know. Very much appreciate any help. Cheers! Gintron
  3. 'sup? This is us at work. We're deep into season 3, and I'm the Dallas Stars (complete with their barrage of slappers consistently 10 - 15 feet wide of the net.) Great times though. Enoy, Gintron8001 (JAN Kelley NHL94 League Regular Season Champion with the Hartford Whalers)
  4. Exhibition game anyone? Just want to practice the whole process. AIM nicholas.ginty@gmail.com
  5. Hi there 94 peeps. Quick question: The D-Pad on my XBOX 360 PC controller doesn't work correctly with GENS (I have it setup to use the analog stick - but that's seems off, I'd really like to be using the D-Pad). Has anyone else run into this problem and have an suggestions for fixes? Cheers, N
  6. I'm down for a test game right now... ? AIM - Gintron8001 Let me know if that's all the info you need. First timer here. Thanks. N
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